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Well, now that the weapon competition is over, I think it is time for me to start my small project: Boktai Weapons Project. I prefer to not think too ahead, nor behind. So, I'll be taking my time to make it and all.
Here's what's done and what comes next:
Gun Del Sol: 95% done. Easter egg with Secondary Fire. Now I'll need to replace the gun itself from the FPS view and perhaps change colors to match Django's hair and scarf.
Luna Lens: Not Started. Will be mostly a copy of Gun Del Sol in various aspects. However, it will only cause a small stun or push back, causing NO DAMAGE. It is okay, it doesn't use any energy. Requires Gun Del Sol.

If you want to join me in my project, make yourself home.

Screenshots will be posted once a weapon reaches completion.

Five words.
Why isn't this in Projects?

Well, this is actually a weapons project. ^^; So, unless a mod decides it should be moved and all, I think I'll only stick to weapons and actors.

It's still technically a project.

I am not happy at the "Secondary Fire" notion, but I figured it'd happen eventually.

well, the "8-10 Weapons" project is located here, so I assumed such.
And the secondary fire... Well, let's say it's a shame I can't define for it to check if skybox is in sight, or else I'd have it detect that and only allow recharge that way. So, for now, only an easter egg. And only the Gun Del Sol (with any lenses) and Gun Del Hel will have this quirk. Magic, and Melee weapons will have nothing for secondary or will have something else.

Also, WHY limit weapons to only Primary Fire? Another use for them shoul always be welcome.


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