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How many of you played F-Zero X for the N64? If you did, you should remember a mode called Death Race, where you had to retire all of your rivals on a short track. The game wouldn't end until everyone or you were destroyed.

I'm bringing in my own version of this mode to MM8BDM in the form of a race involving the Wavebikes (since they are the only kind of transportation besides the Rush Jet). Since I figured doing an actual race mode for Doom might be challenging to do, a mode that would suit Deathmatch and Last Man Standing would be much more attainable.

What makes this map pack stand out from the others is the fact the courses are designed to be race tracks, and the wavebikes are your machines. I even did a quick texture of my own for a finish line (though it shows up too brightly ingame...wonder how I'll fix that). I have some pictures of a test track of mine, but the track itself no longer exists. These will be replaced when Cut Man Castle is finished.

(click to show/hide)

This is the structure where players will get on the wavebikes. Since you are placed right here, just do a jump to get in and start racing. This track has only 1, but I will see if I can do 32 of these.  :shock:

Of course, hitting any objects on the course will cause you to fall to your doom. I am merciful, though, and will not make you lose your bike if you collide into a course boundary. If people want me to remove this handicap, though, just be prepared for a much tougher ride.

Experimenting with heights. Some terrian will allow you to just run over them, but others will make you crash if you don't jump over them.

Tracks will have obstacles that you will have to avoid. Also, yes, what's a Mega Man race without some of his famous weapons? You will get to use a majority of MM8BDM's weapons in the races as well...they will help you a lot. Later on I'll make a list showing what weapons will be on the tracks in DM mode, and what weapons will not.

Another obstacle. Also, this is the only time you will see Mirror Buster in Death Race. I have found that this item can be easily abused, especially with increased speed thanks to the bike. This item will not be found on any of the tracks in DM. In LMS you might still get it, though...  :ugeek:

Some more weapons. I'll be using this track later on to test all of the weapons to see whether or not they'll be good for the mode. Hyper Bomb was another weapon I tested in this map, but it's not shown here.

The finish line itself. As this is a DM/LMS map, this does nothing, but at least you know where Player 1 and Player 32 will start. This line is way too bright, though...  :?

This is what the Test Track looked like at 15% Zoom. Yeah, it may be a good sized map for regular DM, but this is Death Race, so it takes maybe 10 seconds to do a lap here. My official courses will be much larger than this.

Also, you may have noticed I didn't take much time making the map look good. Honestly, this map is not going to be in the pack. I was just using this map to test out the concept I had, which is working so far. And you might have noticed that the bike is on land. Well, haven't you always wanted your bike to go on land? If so, this is paradise for you.
I had a lot to say for what is my first project, but the important stuff is out of the way. I'll have some questions at the end of this post asking the community about their opinions on some topics I want to discuss.

One issue that might come up is this: How will players find each other? The answer is patience, but most maps will have shortcuts to help players catch up with one another. Also, the maps will be made as such so you can go both forwards and backwards.

Weapons for DM:

(click to show/hide)Available:

Rolling Cutter
Super Arm
Thunder Beam
Ice Slasher
Fire Storm
Hyper Bomb

Metal Blade
Leaf Shield
Bubble Shot
Air Shooter
Crash Bomb
Quick Boomerang
Atomic Fire

Shadow Blade
Spark Shock
Magnet Missile
Hard Knuckle
Top Spin
Search Snake
Gemini Laser
Needle Cannon

Rain Flush
Flash Stopper
Pharaoh Shot
Ring Boomerang
Dive Missile
Dust Crusher
Skull Barrier
Drill Bomb

Napalm Bomb
Charge Kick
Power Stone
Star Crash
Crystal Eye
Gyro Attack
Water Wave

Silver Tomahawk
Yamato Spear
Knight Crush
Wind Storm
Flame Blast
Blizzard Attack
Plant Barrier

Freeze Cracker

Sakugarne (rare)
Screw Crusher
Ballade Cracker

Proto Buster (rare)
Bass Buster (rare)
Tango Roll

Will not be in:

Time Stopper (kind of pointless since you can't change weapons while it's going)
Gravity Hold (cheap weapon)
Centaur Flash (cheap weapon)
Mirror Buster (easily abused)
Rush Jet (not risking the increased speed glitch when combined with wavebike)
Rush Coil (kind of pointless since once you lose your bike, you're done)
Item 1 (same for Rush Coil)
Beat (does not work)
Eddie (may give a forbidden item)

(click to show/hide)-Decide how to handle track submissions (including whether the use of a base track is needed or not)

MM1 Maps

Cut Man - 80% (need to add obstacles, more textures, edit with SlumpEd for music and such) [Progress Last Updated 2/15/11]

(maps will be available for users to select after Cut Man is made)
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask. Also, if you guys wouldn't mind, could I get some opinions on some topics I'm curious about?


Should Time Stopper still be in, or should I keep it out?
Should the Wily stages be made as well?
Should running into walls cost you your bike?

Well I'm certainly looking forward to this. Sounds promising and fun! Good luck.

Shade Guy:
Looks quite fun. Ideally, It would be excellent of you to do all of the maps. Of course, I'd still be happy if you only did a few of them.

Personally, I'm looking forward to Fire Man's level to see how you can utilize fire traps and lava pits.

theres already a thread for this


Although cutman, gutsman, elecman, and some other tracks has not been created yet


--- Quote from: "Shade Guy" ---Looks quite fun. Ideally, It would be excellent of you to do all of the maps. Of course, I'd still be happy if you only did a few of them.

--- End quote ---

Since I wasn't sure how big of a project this could be, I only asked for MM1 bosses. The other RMs already in MM8BDM will definitely be considered later, with possibly some of Wily's stages and some custom courses. If this project turns out to be a success, I'll allow other people to give track making a try, as this project will take a while for me to do because of how busy my life is.

For right now, I want to see how everyone thinks of the concept with Cut Man's official track (similar to what was seen in the test map, but much larger and possibly with more obstacles and more varied layouts). This will make it much easier for you guys to make tracks as well, since there will be an official example for you guys to look at.

--- Quote from: "Shade Guy" ---Personally, I'm looking forward to Fire Man's level to see how you can utilize fire traps and lava pits.
--- End quote ---

Heh, I know Fire Man was definitely one I was going to do, because my current plan involves actually racing on the lava itself. As for fire traps, we'll have to see. I might place some of those on the course to keep players alert.

--- Quote from: "ice" ---theres already a thread for this


Although cutman, gutsman, elecman, and some other tracks has not been created yet
--- End quote ---

I even checked your topic before I worked on my project. Yours is much different from mine, right down to the main concept (yours is actual racing while mine are death races). Plus, Death Race is killing each other, not racing each other, although I might open a Time Trials competition later for the official tracks.


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