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--- Quote from: "Mr. X" ---HOWEVER, I must make this clear:  I want this to be a quality pack, so I'm not accepting anything and everything that gets thrown my way.  Anyways, I kind of just thought of this, and with holidays approaching, it's not going to be done by the end of the year, or maybe not even by the end of next month.  It will be done whenever I feel we have enough material.  Anyways, if you want to contribute, feel free to tell me what you'd like to contribute.  Just remember, I have the right to reject anything, and I will use that right.

--- End quote ---

Remember these words. Send me crap and you will be ignored.

Anyway, I will be your project coordinator. Taking a page from Ye Olde Doom Bible, the entries for this will be organized into priorities of Vital, Desired, Non-Vital, Available(already done), and Optional(If you've done all of the other Vital and Desired stuff that you can feel free to do these. They will be placed on the back burner as far as shipping is concerned).

MAPS (<priority> <map code> - <nice name>(<Area>) - <person making it>)
(click to show/hide)V CSMIMI - The Village(First Cave/Mimiga Village) - Blaze
V CSSAND - Stony Sands Zone(Sand Zone)
V CSMAZE - Labyrinth Gaiden(Labyrinth) - Balrog
D CSRIVER - Amazing Water(Waterway)
O CSOSIDE - Geronimo(Outer Wall) - pikmin555
O CSCENT - Central Processing(Plantation)
D CSPRISO - Last Cave(Last Cave)
V CSHELL - The Hell Run(Sacred Grounds)

32x32 would be nice, but is not required: If you think it'll make your map more fun, feel free to add steps, slopes and whatnot. I'm going for fun here, not authenticity - although that's nice too.
Use MM weapons
Machine Gun = Needle Cannon
Snake = Search Snake
Spur = Proto Buster
Missile Launcher = Crash Bomb
Super Missile Launcher = Drill Bomb
Fireball = Napalm Bomb
Bubbler = Rain Flush
Blade = Shadow Blade
Nemesis = Ballade Cracker

Weapon use corresponds to what weapons you would have at that point in CS. For example, Stony Sands Zone would have Needle Cannon, Crash Bomb, Napalm Bomb, Rain Flush, and Shadow Blade.

(click to show/hide)V Curly's Underwear (PM for details)
A Everything else - CutmanMike
(click to show/hide)A MM-Style Quote - Blaze
O Quote(Wii)
O Curly Brace(Wii)
O Balrog
O Ballos
O The Doctor
(click to show/hide)O Ballos(forms 1, 2, 4)
I'm also going to need a server host for testing maps, preferably one with Steam so I can IM them when I wanna do a test session.

PM me or post here with any questions.

Blaze Yeager:
i Shall see if i could do the Mimiga Village...since i have the tiles for said area and others  :ugeek:

Wait, it needs to be 8-bit, doesn't it?

Blaze Yeager:

--- Quote from: "Korby" ---Wait, it needs to be 8-bit, doesn't it?
--- End quote ---
I shall convert the Tiles into 8-bit yes...but if i run into difficulties...then i may ask for assistence with the tiles



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