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As do I. If you're wondering where to get the tiles, they're at ..doukutsudataStagePrt*.pbm. If you're wondering what the hell a PBM is, don't worry; all you need to know is that GIMP can open them.


32x32 would be nice, but is not required: If you think it'll make your map more fun, feel free to add steps, slopes and whatnot. I'm going for fun here, not authenticity - although that's nice too.
Use MM weapons
Machine Gun = Needle Cannon
Snake = Search Snake
Spur = Proto Buster
Missile Launcher = Crash Bomb
Super Missile Launcher = Drill Bomb
Fireball = Napalm Bomb
Bubbler = Rain Flush
Blade = Shadow Blade
Nemesis = Ballade Cracker

Weapon use corresponds to what weapons you would have at that point in CS. For example, Stony Sands Zone would have Needle Cannon, Crash Bomb, Napalm Bomb, Rain Flush, and Shadow Blade.

Out of curiosity, what DUEL32 map do you think I should use?


I am now working on reskinning SIPOOMA for the Labyrinth map. I'm also removing things like lifts and the exit switch, and just making the map fit more in MM8BDM.

Time for a good ole fashioned progress bump.

Labyrinth is done, or at least as done as it's going to get. I found about about a week ago that pikmin555 is working on Outer Wall, and Blaze is now officially recognized as making Mimiga Village.

And with that, I've done all the contributing I can for this project. Let's hope people make the remaining maps.


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