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Uki's Weaponry (V6a mwep Update!)

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From what I seem to see it doesn't really do that much if you get hit by the outside radius but when your close to the center it can take a half a health bar down... besides that though the radius at its proper length now.

Very good. I enjoy the weapon very much.

Just noticed that for some strange reason Ballade Cracker color was off. Hope none of the others were changed by accident. New versions are up to fix that small error.

+Cross Bomb weapon looks incredibly fun to use.
-The HUD's pixel alignment is incredibly out-of-style. Try making the HUD at 25% size, then enlarging it to get the right alignments.

Hallan Parva:
That Cross Bomb's pretty cool! Mind if I snag it for my project? I was originally going to just use Mini Bomb, but things exploding in plus-shapes are always better than things exploding in not-plus-shapes! Oh yeah and I'm changing the sprites if that's okay


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