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Uki's Weaponry (V6a mwep Update!)

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Looking at the damage done to my health bar, it leaves roughly two bars left. That's about 3 HP, I think.

It takes a little while to master the timing on the thing, because it goes a decent distance before activating.

It's very very interesting though.

Thank you for the input Korby! I also thought the Gravity Wells lock was too severe... I liked the locking in part a bit too though so I think i found a suitable compromise to allow you to move more in the actual attack but still does reasonable damage. And I compared the damage of the needle cannon to the energy buster and it was a little too high. 10 ripper compared to 12 standard and its like ouch. So it did take a small ammo nerf and a damage nerf too.

New links up.

Gravity Well could probably do a tiny bit more damage now, and I think its radius and/or height are off, because they don't seem to get damaged when they walk into the aura!

EDIT: Looking at it, it does a maximum of 33 damage when they're shot with it. I still think the radius should be enlarged though.

All right thats just a small problem that can be fixed easily but is the stun better than it was?

Far better. Good job with the sounds as well, by the way.


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