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Well Star Dood brought it up in my skin topic and I can't say I didn't think about it. So I'll give it a run, sadly I'm not a mapper or scripter but I can give idea's for the weapons and maps.

If you want to take a character the original picture is here ->, but be warned they are 2 pixels per square, so cut there size in half and you are good to go.
I've taken the extra step and decreased the size and recolored them myself if you wish to use them.

Here is what we will need.
Skins: (click to show/hide)Fan: squidgy617 done
Rush (yes was part of the team): Open
Beat (he was also): Open.
Eddie (again): Open? (May ask permission)
Treble/Gospel (was an opponent): Open? (again may ask)
Aries: Open
Taurus: Open
Gemini: Open
Cancer: Open
Leo: Open
Virgo: ForteGigasGospel  done
Libra: ForteGigasGospel  done
Scorpio: Open
Sagittarius: Open
Capricorn: Open
Aquarius: Open
Pisces: Open
Apollo: squidgy617 (permission has been given allowing anyone else to make this if they wish)
Luna: squidgy617 (same as above)
Maps: (click to show/hide)Iron Works (Mongolia)(Aries): Open
Chinese Coast (Taurus): Open
Mine (India)(Gemini): Open
Floating Islands (Indian Ocean)(Cancer): Open
Erupting Volcano (Borneo) (Leo): Open
Sunken Highway (Pacific Ocean) (Virgo): Open
Great Indian (Thar) Desert (Libra): Open
Flying Fortress (Pacific Ocean)(Scorpio): Open
North Africa (Sagittarius): Open
Africa (Capricorn): Open
African Coast (Aquarius): Open
Caspian Sea Coast (Pisces): Open
Wily Fortress (Apollo): Open
Wily Fortress (Luna): Open
Or just make Apollo and Luna a single stage.
Aquarius and Pisces' in game maps are the exact same so a single map could work.
And for the fun part, the weapons, I have not played the game and I assume none of the weapons are all that special but here are some ideas I think could work for them. Just ideas which do not need to be the final results. (click to show/hide)Aeries' Heat Wave: A "moving AOE" attack that sends a weak wall of heat forward that goes through enemies.
Taurus' Sandstorm: Creates a sand storm that spirals around you dealing damage (much like Star Crash) and pressing the button again makes it spread out hitting all enemies in a small radius. (Weaker then Star Crash to balance out)
Gemini's Twin Laser: Fires a weak double laser that pierces enemies and pulls them behind it a bit. (Not a lot but enough to push them into a hole if they are too close.)
Cancer's Bubble Beam: Close range rapid fire weapon (very similar to Quick Boomerang but no piercing), shots float at max distance for a brief moment before popping (despawning).
Leo's Whirl Wind: Fires a small slow moving tornado forward that pulls enemies into and with it dealing low damage multiple times. (Basically a weaker Twin laser that pulls better)
Virgo's Maelstrom: Creates a large twister (which a maelstrom is) that sits still and pulls enemies into it (slightly less then a convener belt) and deals rapid damage (close to one shooting if they are stuck in it the whole time), VERY low firing rate.
Libra's U.V. Ray: Fires a fast moving fire beam (hits targets instantly) that does high damage but with the trade off of using a lot of ammo.
Scorpio's Hail Storm: High range (only 1 way), lower damage, multi-hitting Rain Flush.
Sagittarius' Blazing Arrow: High speed piercing electric arrows, low firing rate. (Like Thunder Beam minus the extra shoots)
Capricorn's Flaming Sword: (I don't know how Flame Sword will be for MM8) A forward stab that thrusts you a bit (less then charge kick)
Aquarius' Storm Surge: Runs water down across the ground that deals very low damage but pushes enemies back. (travels like Water Wave)
Pisces' Hyrdo Cannon: Powerful water blast that travels until it hits something (watery Hard Knuckle like).
Some other info.
Chapter Boss: The Wily Machine
Other possible ideas: We may wanna wait for the MM8 expansion to be finished before the final version of this for more textures and weapons (also since some 8 bosses show up in Strategy). A duel against Bass could be available at some point in the chapter.

In game sprites from Strategy:
Music if possible to down grade: (Link at the bottom of page)

Magnet Dood:
Uh... gee. You actually did start one. I didn't expect this.

I'd take a skin, but Llama would yell at me about in a few months.
Good luck, anywho! Maybe I'll help later!

Galaxy Sisbro:
The maps? It will be pretty difficult to start maps without concepts-tileset.


--- Quote from: "Galaxy" ---The maps? It will be pretty difficult to start maps without concepts-tileset.
--- End quote ---
Think of what we have and the map name. "Africa" would likely be a jungle map.
There are little screen shots of this game, there may be some shots of a few maps in the gallery section of mechanical maniacs.

Ok, yes, some stage pics seem to be in the everything else section
(click to show/hide)Iron Works
Chinese Coast
Floating Island
Erupting Volcano
Sunken Highway
Thai Desert
Flying Fortress
North Africa
Both African Sea Coast and Caspian Sea Coast water)
Apollo (same as Luna's minus decor)
Wily Machine all there is to work with, it wasn't an 8bit game.

Galaxy Sisbro:
Can you list it by RM stage instead of the name itself? It's confusing.


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