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Mission Mode (Suggestions being taken!)

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I thought I would find an easy, fun way to learn ACS, and here it is. Simple premise, make copies of certain maps to give missions to them.

Mission Template:

Name: (Actual name, not like MM1CUT)
Stage mission takes place in:
Game Mode:
Other notes:

Completed missions:
None D=

Name: Deforestation
Stage mission takes place in: Wood Man
Description: Show those tree freaks whose boss! Beat 'em all with your Fire Storm before they get you.
Game Mode: TLMS
Other notes: You have an infinite ammo Firestorm wep. You face a team of 10 Woodmen all armed with Leaf Shields. No health pickups.

Name: Pirates!
Stage mission takes place in: Wave Man
Description: Find the treasure! But be careful, those pirates want to take it from you!
Game Mode: Possession
Other notes: You face a 5 Divemen all with Dive Missiles. Upon picking up the board all fire will be directed at you.

Name: Have a Blast
Stage mission takes place in: Hard Man
Description: An explosive fight to the end!
Game Mode: DM
Other notes: You face Crash Man, Burst Man, Bomb Man, Napalm Man, and Drill Man, all armed with their respective weapons. Killing them drops their weapon for use.

Name: Statue of Liberty
Stage mission takes place in: MM1DW2
Description: Defend the Guts Man statues from the war above. Suppress the attackers of your precious statues!
Game Mode: 30 Frag DM
Other notes: The Guts Man statues have 500 Health each, and bots won't manually target them. When one is hit, the player should be notified and clear the top asap. If 3 Guts Man statues die, the mission's a failure. If all of the Statues survive 30 frags, you win perfectly. Each destroyed statue adds 10 more frags to the total needed. If a bot beats you to the fragcount, either you fail, or one of the statues is destroyed. Whichever one is doable, albiet preferably the second option.

I'm a Guts Man statue

Name:A Killer Battle!
Battlefield: MM7DW3
Mode: TLMS
Description:You maybe able to beat'em one on one but can you beat'em all at once?
Notes:You only have a Proto Buster and must defeat a team of Enker, Punk, and Ballade, each equipped with their respective Boss Weapon (as in Punk will be able to cannon ball into you.) Music changes to BALMUS.

Stage mission takes place in:MM2QUI
Description:Beams, beams and MORE BEAMS!
Game Mode:20 Frag DM
Other Note:You will be given Gemini Laser and you face 10 Quick Men each equipped with Gemini Lasers. The Quick Men are immune to lasers. The only items available are Item 1, Rush Coil and Eddie Call. Eddie Call will take Time Stopper's place and will give you a useful item.


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