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? Manibogi ?:
I changed up a few things, though (eg: Underlord now gets a strong, unswitchable upgrade), but I'm still willing to continue working on this.

I have an idea for a Sonic Classes project, and I even thouht out the attacks and everything, though I don't have the skills needed to get it to work.

Pokemon classes, that is all...and maby for no reason magnet golf

Isn't HD working on a Magnet Golf mode?

Dark Phil:

--- Quote from: "Ivory" ---
--- Quote from: "Star Dood" ---The Genesis Unit Expansion that's been floating in my head for a while. The three bot's stages, along with two Wily Stages, custom weapons based on the masters, skins of the three...

Short, sweet, and awesome, basically. I know where I can get the music, except for a couple of the Wily Stages... would this be a good idea to others? I don't want to start it if no one's helping.
--- End quote ---

Funny story. I had the intentions of running a Genesis Unit Mini Expansion some time after MM8.
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Its funny, because as soon as I saw this post I was thinking the same thing but would not have created it due to the lack of programming skills.


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