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Hey, I have a concept for a Classes Mod.

It focuses more on Customization rather than Serious. Think Nemodian but with Megaman charaters.

Three diffrent mainfires for each class.
Three diffrent altfires for each class.
Three diffrent passives/items for each class.

Oh, and a Super Bar, that charges over the duration of the game (on death, you keep your meter, think like Overwatch.) You have a Level 1 Super, and a Level 3 super. [Can't be spammed. has a cooldown if you try spamming lvl 1 supers]

Please send a PM if you'd like to help sprite/code/conceptualize, anything really helps!

Has anyone considered the idea of adding the abilities from the Megaman-based NES game, the Krion Conquest, for MM8BDM?


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