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It's only been said 219,439,458,401,293,348 times that this needs to be made.
However, I'm not going to lie; I am not a very good taskmaster.  My ability in that department boils down to hunting people down and asking why they aren't working.  This expansion pack will be largely in the hands of the community--but hopefully, that won't be much of a problem, since everyone and their brother wants it.
(click to show/hide)Skins
Rokko Chan - Megaman
Volcanoman - FTX
Lightningman - LlamaHombre
Jetman - Player 1
Rollingman - MissingNo2
Forestman - Geno
Fransiska - Geno
Lancea - Geno

Rokko Chan - Joseph Collins
Hockeyman - Game&Watcher & Stevio51
Volcanoman - CHAOS_FANTAZY
Lightningman - CHAOS_FANTAZY
Jetman - Player 1
Rollingman - SmashBroPlusB
Note that any person, at any time, may step in to help with any botchat.  Credit will go to the person who supplies the most lines.Maps
(click to show/hide)Hockey Man
Volcano Man
Lightning Man - Player 1
Jet Man
Rolling Man
Forest Man
Dr. Mad's Castle Stage 1
Dr. Mad's Castle Stage 2 - Player 1Weapons
(click to show/hide)

These are posted here because weapon-makers may find these helpful.
Ice Shield - Michael712

Volcano Cannon
Function in Rokko Chan:  Rokko Chan's Metal Blade, this stupidly overpowered weapon fires a chunk of volcanic rock that explodes on contact.  The explosion lasts, dealing multiple hits of damage, and it also pierces shields.
MM8BDM Application:  Low-ammunition weapon.  Fires shots that explode on contact, with said explosion dealing ripper damage.

Lightning Flash - Lego

Jet Missile
Function in Rokko Chan:  Fires a missile that follows enemies precisely, steering itself into them at all costs.
MM8BDM Application:  Revamp of Dive Missile mechanics; moves slower, but does more damage.

Rolling Ring - SmashBroPlusB

Forest Whip - Stardust

Beetle Jet - Lego

Super Secret Something - LegoOther
(click to show/hide)Campaign Coding/Boss - Michael712
Sound Effects - Rey D
Music  - Thatguy74
He who wrote the mail - Rey D
Once again, I'm not going to lie—this expansion pack will not be easy.  There's a lot of sprites that need to be ripped, and more after that to be custom-made.  Progress on maps will likely be slow, since interest dies down quickly.  I don't even know all the information we should—how many Stages of Dr. Mad's Castle do we need, anyway, and if we do get a campaign going, who should the boss be?  ...Despite all this, however, I believe that the desire to make this expansion pack a reality will override all that.
...Now all I have to do is wait to be proven wrong.

Are the sprites of the robot masters and weapons ripped already?


--- Quote from: "Kapus" ---Are the sprites of the robot masters and weapons ripped already?
--- End quote ---
All I'd managed to rip so far is Volcano-Man's, most of it, anyway...and three mostly unhelpful sprites of Volcano-Man.
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I should've pressed on and tried to rip some more sprites of characters, but...there was just so much junk in his tileset, I was feeling pretty disheartened already.  The only thing I have to say in my defense is that I only started this endeavor today.
Maybe King-Soutuku still has the spritesheets on hand?  I'm not fluent in Japanese in the slightest, but it's worth a shot...

Hallan Parva:
hey uhm

when I make the weapons can I make them "not boring 8BDM clones"

I have a better idea for Ice Shield anyway so

oh yeah I think Megaman made a Hockey Man stage, go ask him for it maybe

If you can think of a better idea, knock yourself out; I was only trying to give how I imagined them in the most basic form.
(And yes, Ice Circle was probably the worst idea on the list)
But does this mean you're doing them, or no?


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