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Respawn Delay v1

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delays your respawn

SV_RESPAWNDSTART: actually starts the respawn delay. just leave true.
SV_RESPAWNTIME: respawn delay in seconds. default is 5.

standard file that's probably been made before and would probably work in all zandronum mods.

file that includes a recode to fix minor 8bdm specific bugs (weapon energy color & exit unit visual).

I support this useful thing.

Hallan Parva:
Hot damn that's useful. I suppose you could also turn the respawn timer to zero to ignore its effects completely? If so, I'd be the crazy man to suggest implementing this into core somehow, most notably in Capture the Flag and 1-Flag CTF.

Regardless, this is an amazing mod and I need to find a way to squeeze the everloving crap out of it.

It can be good... in duel too? :q
*respawn directly beside the opponent who fraged you* drawing game.

Laggy Blazko:
I hope they don't spam this in servers. Respawn delays in Zandronum seem wrong to me.


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