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[MINI EXPANSION] Mega Man 8-bit Halloween - 2014 [RELEASE]

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Get HALLOWEENv3.pk3 here!
Get this year's skinpack! Contains previous years, including 2010 for the first time since...2010!

Hey there citizens of Cutopia!
It's time for your favorite holiday!
Wait, what? We're not celebrating Hanukkah in October?
Oh, you said HALLOWEEN!
Glad we got that mixup out of the way!

I'm sure most of you know the routine by now, but for those who don't;
Do you want to contribute? Submit a skin of something scary, whether it be a horrifying enemy from the Mega Man series, your favorite robot dressed up as something else, or even something custom that's themed around fright!
Don't want to submit a skin? Are you able to map? Think you've got what it takes to make a map, use a bunch of Shademan textures, slap some sort of song on there, and call it a day? Great! We could always use more maps! A really important thing to note here is that you have almost full creative freedom! That means custom textures, being able to play with darkness settings, dynamic lights, and custom actors! Try not to have custom weapons in there, unless they don't mess with compatibility!

That being said, get your things in by OCTOBER 29th or I will be an incredibly sad puppy, and remember that I have the right to deny low quality submissions! If you're having trouble getting it up to snuff, ask around! We have an entire skype chat dedicated to mapping, feel free to ask people in there.

As always, accepted applicants will receive a MM8BDM Extender Medal!

Much like last year, this will be built on the previous version of the mod! Get ready for HALLOWEENv3!

(click to show/hide)SKINS:
Previous Skins! - Korby, Kapus, Jaxof7, Gumballtoid, ice, CHAOS_FANTAZY, Copy Robot, Kapus again, bass44, Fyone, Michael712, Yellow Devil, Super Bondman 64, TheBladeRoden, <*Hilman170499*>, Ceridran, Hinatediz, Geno, bass44, Rukifellth like three times, and Kapus again [INCLUDED]
Skulloman - VirtualSonic43 [DONE]
Mystery Ghost - Rui+ [DONE]
Something - FTX6004 [UNFINISHED]
Pennywise Clownman - Brash Buster [DONE]
Starman Deluxe - Brash Buster [DONE]
Spooky Eddie - Zerokk [DONE]
Slash Krueger - ChaosUnlimited [DONE]
Headsman Libra - fortegigasgospel [DONE]
Zeetee - Blutorus [DONE]

All of the maps in the 2013 version! - Beed28, Rozark Kyouko, Cold Noodles, Rozark Kyouko again, Beed28, Knux, Linnie, and Copy Robot [INCLUDED]
I'm pretty sure Joe is making something? - Copy Robot [UNFINISHED]
Something - Laggy Blazko [DONE]
Let's Make a Swamp pt. 3 - Rozark Kyouko [DONE]
Something - Lego [DONE]
Something - LlamaHombre [UNFINISHED]
Abandoned Cemetery - robot master LS [DONE]
Good luck everyone, and Happy Halloween!

This has been a skin I've been planning since a few months ago but am now announcing it today in honor of the announcement of 2014's Halloween Expansion.

I present...

Based off Skullomania from Street Fighter EX, yea a pretty obscure reference here! I'll try to get this done ASAP before this ends.

I will attempt to make a skin of this.

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Laggy Blazko:
I never contribute to anything, and I haven't mapped for a while.
+will make something with useless gimmicks just for the sake of it.

It's time to finish the Trilogy.


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