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Frags' Saxton Hale Boss Classes Remix (V2 in the works, possibly.)

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Hunter Frags:
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This post will be modified greatly if I manage to complete the next update.

Saxton Hale Boss Classes Remix (SHBCX/Hale Classes Remix for short or whatever makes sense.)

This mod was inspired by Otaku Alex/Akuma King's beginning days attempting modding and shtick (and we were both dumb with things at the time, which I can't really complain about.) A mod that turned the Hales of various SH mods into playable classes was a thought I had interest in, only later on, I decided to take it further. This mod consists of classes inspired by the Hales of 8BDM's SH history, using modified material from the mods and added material meant to add more to their gameplay as well as other things. The currently available, but outdated version is a cluttered mess in many areas, but it's still available for whoever wants to poke into it.

Current Playable Classes (won't bother with details until V2, which will include many changes from this version.)
Megaman (Core Class)
Saxton Hale
Ra Thor
Ra Thor Reborn
Captain Falcon
Christian Brutal Sniper
Ninja Spy
Cave Johnson
Scrooge McDuck

Downloads (V1B):
NOTE: Hasn't been updated for MM8BDM V5C.
> (TSPG link gone for now.)
> Dropbox
*Currently N/A*
*Currently N/A*

While this is in the works, I'd recommend checking out Jaxof7's class mods that also include a few SH bosses. He'd probably do some shtick better than me anyway. XD

Click here to go to his WIP thread.

Hallan Parva:
This is... actually rather impressive. Everything works at first glance, and the introduction post is well organized and clear to read. Props for keeping such accurate credits (I completely forgot Squidgy made the Ra Thor skin).

I'm going to have to give this a closer look later on.

Hunter Frags:
Sorry for bumping so soon, but I wanted to go ahead and take care of an issue with the Super Adaptor where the doublejump wouldn't work. Links have been updated, plus I added a bit to the end of the credits.

Edit: Added credit for the SH maps also, which I forgot to do earlier.

Hunter Frags:
Double-posting to mention this is updated to Pb2 (because it's likely in need of more work.) Here's a changelog:
(click to show/hide)General Fixes/Changes:

Core Weapons - Fixed Super Adaptor's double jump.

Audio - Changed all audio files to .OGG (I fixed an audio issue with Ninja Spy, then figured I'd just cut down the size of everything else.)

Class Changes:

Ra Thor - Changed the orb weapons back to Ra Thor Rebirth's orb system. Changed Ra Buster to Altfire and gave it a new HUD. Gave slight attackresistance.

Ra Thor Reborn - Changed the Mainfire to work more like the minion's (see Class info) Changed the Altfire to an ammocharge system (see Class Info.) Disabled Hypno Item (AKA no more minions for you.) Gave slight attack resistance. Slightly buffed his melee, fast-ranged Black Holes and Hyper Dash.

Christian Brutal Sniper - Fixed bugs related to a wrong HUD showing up and stuff that would cause potential crashing. Nerfed Huntsman Arrows. Buffed knife throws, changed their obits and removed the dissapear timers from the
knife pickups.

Ninja Spy - Fixed and adjusted Ringer bars, changed the Dead Ringer to worklike the life-loss system (also takes all ammo when Standby Ringer is cancelled) and replaced the chat sound that was used to confirm the alt was pressed with Spy voice clips. Nerfed Big Kill and slightly increased fire-rate. Slightly decreased firerate on grenades.

Saxton Hale - Edited his HUD to remove most of the "boxing glove hands." Gave him an animated "HOLD" bar for when rage is full (may remove later.)

Cave Johnson - Removed the three-shot middle-charged fire and replaced it with the alt. Changed the alt to a weak gatling gun. Gave him a new HUD and slightly increased the fire rate on the Lemon Storm. Gave slight attack

Morshu - Oh, wait. He's new to this version. Let's see how this goes.Of course, any feedback, suggestions, or means of how to adjust the classes is appreciated.

EDIT: Added images back to the class list and added the info for Morshu (which I forgot to do at first.)

Captain Falcon desperately needs a buff. Compared to the other classes, he's the rock bottom of the tier list. Poor Falcon needs quite some buffs.

-Remove Captain Falcon's slowdown with his primary combo attack,  it is understandable with the Falcon punch, but it's got to go for the primary. I can only make the primary work if my enemy is cornered.

-Speaking of the Falcon Punch, can you fix the bug when Captain Falcon constantly says "Faaaaalcon...." at the speed of sound but does not do the punch? Could you make it more powerful as well?

-Make Captain Falcon faster, it's kinda hard for a melee class to contend against all these ranged classes who have deadly projectiles at their disposal, especially MegaMan.

-Could you lessen the cooldown for the Falcon Kick? It's difficult to continue a combo whilst using it as an attack or catching up with the enemy.

-Falcon's knee needs to stun so enemy's can't get away from punch flurry wrath/Falcon Punch.

-C. Falcon needs to double jump.

Also, I had a question, with the C. Falcon bot it could use the Falcon Punch as a projectile. Is there any way I can do this?


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