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Pretty good update. Balance is alot better. Also, RATHOR REBORN AS GOT AN ELETRIC WEAPON!

Hunter Frags:
Just posting to mention that I've updated all of the SHBCX info for V1b and added screenshots.

Next, I'll probably see what I can do about P:DLN to *blank*.

EDIT (5/19/16): *Snip*

EDIT (6/25/16): Messing with the thread atm, so stuff will be missing and/or gone altogether. Also, the current SHBCX version has a working TSPG download if you care about that.

On another subject, still don't know for sure what my current project attempt's gonna be, but I'm still "experimenting" or whatever with stuff. In the meantime, here's a couple of uninteresting, recolored HUD sprites because reasons:

Are you going to add DIO to the Saxton Hale Classes?

Hunter Frags:
After four years of inactivity, I'mma give this thread a shot again and see how long it takes for me to discontinue this again, or maybe I won't idk. XD

Having been out of the 8BDM and modding mood for a while, I only recently decided to work on SHBCX/Insert Shorter Name Here again, and there's gonna be plenty of changes from the last, cluttered version, if I see this through. I'mma show a little peak at some things I got so far (some of which I already shared in the 8BDM Discord) and may make follow-up updates as time progresses.

Some General Info
(click to show/hide)> The mod's been set up for V5D compat (tags and such added, class colors moved to another file, updated class base using JaxOf7's, etc.)
> Unnecessary shtick like the B-B-Bonus Soda have been removed for human-esque classes, or perhaps it was changed?
> Almost EVERY class is getting changed or tweaked in some ways. Coding stuff related to them (such as damagetypes) has been changed, renamed, removed, all depending on things. Less messy, basically.
> Most classes will now be fitted with a proper rage fill system, which fills based on the damage you take and allows you to use a "rage item" when full. May be modified in later updates, but eh. This is sorta like a nod to Lego's VSH, among other little things I'll get to.
> Megaman/Core Class was reverted to core and given new HUDS with detailed color schemes. Not feeling like creating a new Smash-style weaponset atm, sorry.
Note: Classes below are still WIPs and subject to further changes. Suggestions based on what you see are welcome.

Class Preview 1: Saxton Hale
(click to show/hide)Starting off is nothing too too special, Saxton himself. 0.8 speed for forward and side, takes 0.5/half damage from all attacks and has 13 jump height with no double jump, at least for now. Sax's main and altfire (for basics and also lack of ideas for now, unless chargeable) has a basic strong punch in the manner of his R++ counterpart with the addition of knockback. The rage item is where things differ, because instead of extra resistance or invincibility, it's inspired by the slowdown rage from Lego's VSH, only it uses Time Slow range and lasts a very short duration.

Class Preview 2: Ra Thor
(click to show/hide)Next is the class based on his SAR-themed Ra Thor Rebirth counterpart. Has core speed for now and a 13 jump height like Saxton, but no damage resistance for now. Last time, I had his orbs as a buster-charge-style thing in place of the R++ ammobar cycling, and the charge felt weird when I went back and messed with it. Instead, the whole weapon takes minor inspiration from Justified's Ra Thor Terminator class with R++'s projectiles and other touches: Tap fire for a single Crimson Orb (which yes, uses out-of-place SAR sprites now) and hold to fill red ammo and fire the normal four, all of which no longer do burn damage. Holding fire beyond that fills a purple outline, which in turn fires a nerfed Psychic Orb. Altfire charges ammo briefly for low-damage Dynamo Orbs, which use Spark Shock stun. Rage item is still WIP/undecided for now.

The other classes from V1B have been worked on/are being worked still, and I will send more info when I feel up for it. There may be a new class or two added in addition, but these will be kept to me until later. Meanwhile, don't wanna take attention away from Jax's neat boss classes and such, so do give those attention if interested and haven't already.

Hey.. seeing as how I'm working with the revival of Saxton Hale (I've already revived it with a few updates mostly by myself.)
Do you think it would be nice if I can borrow some of these future huds and ideas while exchanging mine perhaps for a few classes?
I definitely have ideas related to Quote and Curly and such.
It would be fun to collaborate on both the Boss Mod itself and the Class file too, as I've also got experience in class coding.


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