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Frags' Saxton Hale Boss Classes Remix (V2 in the works, possibly.)

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Hunter Frags:
Something something late night bump.

So for those who pay attention to this thread, I mentioned something a while back about a new class mod. Well, a beta's out now and I've given it a decent name: Project: DLN. Downloads and details on the first post.

*PARAGRAPH REMOVED. Read the latest update on next post.*

With that out of the way, good night!

Hunter Frags:
*Double bump*

Due to some helpful info from other players, I decided to go ahead and whip up a patch to fix/change some things I thought were worth fixing/changing as soon as possible (plus some other stuff while I was at it.) Links added to first post.

Patch Changelog:
(click to show/hide)Fixes:

- Fixed where a classes death frame would remain after an instagib or pit-related death and disappear after respawning.

- Fixed Megaman's Star Crash sliding HUD and Protoman and Roll's Yamato Spear HUD.

- Fixed where Roll couldn't pick up Yamato Spear.

- Fixed a mistake where Megaman would get Protoman's Arrow Buster upgrade instead of his own.

- Quakewoman was originally gonna use the Eddie item, but instead I removed that stuff.

- Fixed the bug where Protoman's shield would end up blocking his own Arrow Shot.


- Slowed down the Giga Drill Break to make it more controllable (also lasts a shorter duration.) Also buffed it and slowed down the charge.

- Changed the Giga Drill alt to slow down instead of stop you. You also no longer have to be on the ground to use it.

- Roll's Mop-Up now lasts a bit longer.

- Changed Megaman's Double Megabuster to shoot rapid-fire charge shots instead of a laser (AKA Blast Barrage.)

- Changed Megaman's regular charge shot to a lower-damage ripper and put it as the Double Buster shot instead (lowered the damage for it also.)

- Made classes compatible with taunt packs (except Quakewoman, since she doesn't have a taunt yet.)

- Changed Quakewoman's main so that it would spawn smaller rocks when attacking the ground or wall (alt and Giga Drill have been kept the same.)=================
<<< Edit (9/6/15) >>>

A little update on "Bossmode Classes." Here's some stuff to expect next update:
(click to show/hide)* Zandronum 2.0 compatability (obviously.)
* Another filename change to make room for possibly other boss-related stuff (which may not include Unholy, which I never asked about anyway.)
* An appropriately set classbase.
* Some well-needed changes to Captain Falcon.
* TF2 classes are staying (contrary to what I originally said,) and will be worked on some more.
* Some changes to the Ra Thors.
* Some alterations to Megaman (since alt. skins can't be used without him.)
* Other stuff I haven't mentioned.
With that out of the way, see you next time.

I cant wait too see the new SaxtonClasses version  :D

Hunter Frags:
Screenshots because I can. I've already put these first few in the screenshots thread.
Do note, though, this is still WIP. Some things may have been changed.
(click to show/hide)

(Credit to Ukiyama for the Bonus Soda.)

Now for a couple newcomers.
(click to show/hide)

Considering how FNAF's been doing the past year, you shouldn't even care that what's below is being added.

Edit (12/8/15):

V1 of BMCX, Hale Classes Remix, or whatever you wanna call it has been released and a server's up right now. Do tell me what you think and let me know what may need changes.

(click to show/hide)<<< General Changes >>>
- Removed copyweps and upgrades.
- Replaced all Tanks with E-Tanks.
- Replaced Eddie Summons with a Yashichi pickup.
- Added Ukiyama's Soda which replaces the E-Tank for human-type classes (added instant throwing alt.)
- Added taunts to most of the classes (taunts change if an active alt. skin has it's own.)
<< Megaman >>
- See ClassDetails.
<< Saxton Hale >>
- Increased his speed slightly.
- Completely changed his attackset (more info in the class details):
* MainFire changed to a chargeable knockback punch.
* AltFire changed to a "Left Hook" stun attack.
* Attacks no longer give you rage ammo based on damage. Rage now autofills and requires more ammo (you still gain minor ammo when attacked.)
* Rage changed to the big fireball thing from Silversin's V1 SH.
* Super jump now causes a shockwave when you land (also shortened the obit and gave each class with one a different color.)
- Removed most of Saxton's voice clips. Changed landing sound.
- Changed death to teleport out.
<< Ra Thor >>
- Increased speed slightly.
- Recolored the skin for alt. skin compatibility.
- Changed the mainfire to charge between orbs instead of cycle through.
- Nerfed Crimson Orb.
- Dynamo Orb's name changed to "Electric."
- HUD moves less before firing the Psychic Orb (also, nerfed Psychic Orb and changed A_Explode distance to what it was in R++ V2f.)
- Changed altfire to an ammo-chargeable "barrier." (Gives half-damage protection.)
- Moved Ra Buster to main for when half-damage is active. Replaced the HUD, removed chargeability, nerfed down the shot, and added slower refire.
- Changed JumpHeight to 11 and slightly increased movement speed.
<< Ra Thor Reborn >>
- Changed skin to IAmAMedalHunter's (eyes recolored.)
- Nerfed Melee Black Hole and made it translucent to help aiming (you no longer auto-fire it when ammo is full. Also, you take half damage while holding.)
- Changed ammobar positions.
- Slow-Ranged Black Hole now inherits from Fast-Ranged. Also, nerfed both.
- Decreased ammo to 114.
- Hyper Dashing no longer auto-fires when ammo is full (ammo loads slower.)
- Added pre-refire time to the Hyper Dash (all charges) and fixed the projectile spawning. Also, buffed all dashes.
- Added Comet Dash-Type Projectiles to the Triple Hyper Dash, increased the thrust and sped up the execution of each dash.
- As with Ra Thor, changed JumpHeight and increased movement speed.
<< Captain Falcon >>
- Changed main skin to the octo-directional version.
- Added minor damage resistance.
- Replaced weapon icons with the style TheMod uses for their Cpt. Falcon.
- Increased movement speed, decreased JumpHeight back to 10, and added double jump.
- Removed alt-switch item and split the alts into separate weapons.
- Removed slowdown on main combo, buffed everything in it, and changed the Knee projectile to Charge Kick.
- Air knee and Shockwave both now knock back and cause stun.
- Buffed Falcon Punch, changed it to a Ripper, increased it's distance, and decreased required ammo to charge it.
- Buffed Falcon Kick, added THRUACTOR, added slight translucence and separated the projectile into parts (to keep up with the kick speed and also acts sorta like a ripper. Also, removed upward kicking.)
- Shockwave no longer activates in-air and only does a downward kick unless you touch the ground during.
- Changed death to teleport out.
<< Christian Brutal Sniper >>
- Changed side movement speed to match forward movement.
- Edited the arrow sprites to make them easier to see and so they'd align correctly.
- Arrows now refill on their own instead of requiring weapon energy.
- Removed knife-switch item and put the knife attacks in separate weapons.
- Changed the Kukri to a ripper and decreased refire time.
- Knife Throws nerfed, changed to rippers and moved to their respective mainfires as charge attacks. Also, changed the knife sprites to straight throws instead of spinning ones.
- Altfire for knife weapons changed to a Jab... for some reason. To fill space?
- Removed Range-Switch item and put the Arrow Bazooka as the Huntsman's altfire.
- Re-buffed Huntsman, increased speed of arrows and added a charge shot.
- Changed Arrow Bazooka's firing to shoot the arrows one at a time with slight spread and gave it a slow refire.
- Changed death to teleport out.
<< Ninja Spy >>
- Changed movement speed and JumpHeight to match Ra Thor Reborn's.
- Removed Cloaking Item and moved Cloaking to Weapon1's AltFire.
- Sped up the Dual Shahanshah a bit and nerfed it due to inheriting from CBS's Kukri (low-health slashes do Kukri damage.)
- Nerfed the Big Kill, changed it to hitscan and added a trail (HUD has been changed.)
- Changed grenade-throwing animation and slowed down refire a little more. Also, nerfed explosive damage and added outward-spreading explosions (however you word it.)
- Moved the Dead Ringer to a one-use item, removed it's healing ability and increased invulnerability time.
- Changed death to teleport out.
<< Cave Johnson >>
- Changed the HUDs.
- Lemons now refill on their own.
- Added Super Adaptor's double jump.
- Removed charging and increased firerate on Lemon Launcher.
- Added a second weapon that fires straight shots. (Also added icons.)
- Buffed the Gatling Gun.
<< Morshu >>
- Added outline translations to make the color scheme look better.
- Decreased how long it takes to pick up and throw a bomb (also decreased holding time.)
- "Shortened the fuse" on the low-throw bomb. Also, bombs have been slightly buffed.
- Giant Bomb is thrown immediately on AltFire instead of having to hold it until you press again.
- Grapple was reverted to a Wire Adaptor copy (may still do damage, though.)
- Changed death to teleport out.
<< New Classes >>
- GentleSpy added.
- Scrooge McDuck added.
- Slenderman added.

Hunter Frags:
V1b of SHBCX is out now. Changelog below.
(First post will be updated later.)
(click to show/hide)-----------------------------------
<<<<<<<< V1a to V1b >>>>>>>>
<<< General Changes >>>
- Changed the mod name so players can better tell what this thing is.
- Fixed an error with the E-Tank/soda pickup. Removed the E-Tanks that originally replaced the W-Tanks.
- Removed all weapon energy.
- Removed Slenderman.
<< Megaman >>
- Fixed so that he's no longer given copyweps in lms modes.
- Nerfed buster shots (10 to 9, plus added a short-range Charge Shot.)
- Nerfed Metal Blade (14 to 12.)
- Nerfed Slide Kick (12 to 8.)
- Buffed Hard Knuckle (40 to 60.)
<< Saxton Hale >>
- Removed the struggle/slowdown from when hit by any non-special damagetypes (not counting the effects of special damagetypes like ones that stun or knockback/launch.)
- Removed mid-charge punch and decreased ammo required for charge punch.
- Nerfed Fireball attack, shortened the pre-fire animation, removed invincibility and changed it into the alt charge attack (removed hook attack and rage ammo.)
- Removed the Super Jump Item and made it a double jump instead (removed shockwave and jump ammo.)
- Fixed projectile/HUD sync.
<< Ra Thor >>
- Realigned the orb sprites.
- Slightly increased HUD movement speed when firing the Crimson Orbs.
- Nerfed Ra Buster, changed the damagetype to "Flinch" removed pointless explosive damage and replaced Barrier Charge with said buster (barrier's instead active while you're shooting the buster.)
<< Ra Thor Reborn >>
- Changed the mainfire back to autofire-when-charged (also, slightly buffed melee Black Hole and increased explosive range.)
- Reduced Black Hole ammo to 22.
- Removed Mid-Charge Hyper Dash, halved the ammo, increased explosive range, and changed the Triple Dash into a single, longer dash (still has the spark-things.)
- Also about the Hyper Dash, changed the projectile form using A_SpawnItemEX to A_FireCustomMissile to make sure it actually hits something (also nerfed it.)
- Added a second weapon that includes electric-themed attacks.
<< Captain Falcon >>
- Increased firerate on Falcon Kick.
- Fixed projectile/HUD sync.
<< Christian Brutal Sniper >>
- Buffed speed (0.8 to 0.9.)
- Increased jump (10 to 11.)
- Buffed melee attacks.
- Knife Throws moved back to AltFire. Buffed them and their mainfires and increased main firerate.
- Nerfed Charged huntsman and made it a ripper. Also, shortened the time the "loading" HUD takes before firing.
- Fixed projectile/HUD sync.
<< Ninja Spy >>
- Increased Shahanshah firerate and removed the "hold-for-second-slash" thing (you slash twice when you tap fire.)
- Buffed Shahanshah and added an in-air double slash.
- Replaced altfire's cloaking with a double knife throw.
- Changed the Big Kill's reloading state to use HUD frames instead of changing the first frame's offset in-actor (originally, the HUD's offsets would be off through firing if you hold through the reloading state.)
- Grenades now throw straighter and farther.
- Fixed projectile/HUD sync.
<< GentleSpy >>
- Changed the Ambassador's reloading state the same way as Ninja Spy's Big Kill.
- Fixed projectile/HUD sync. Changed projectile to use A_Explode and slightly increased firerate.
<< Morshu >>
- Fixed a bug with the Giant Bomb's ammobar where if you use the rope item, it goes down and increases with the rope ammo (without really affecting it's ammo.)
- Added an appropriately-colored "Alt" bar.
- Reduced the amount of Oil blobs thrown to 3.
- Oil Bottle now throws straighter and farther. Changed damagetype to "FlashStopper," increased the hold time required before throwing and gave it it's own ammobar.
- Lantern fire now inherits from Wave Burner instead of Flame Sword (Wave Burner distance included. Also, adjusted the HUD and increased fire ammo.)
<< Cave Johnson (Still no Lemon Storm. Sorry.) >>
- Removed second weapon and weapon icons (they're still in the file, but thy're not being used.)
- Buffed and increased range on the lemons (decreased ammo also.)
- Changed Gatling Gun's damagetype (originally CrashBomb, changed to "Flinch", which lasts longer.)
<< Scrooge McDuck >>
- Changed skin colors to Megaman's (now you can tell what team it's on in Team modes.)
- Increased firerate on Golf Swing.
- Pogo now adds a speed boost in-air. Also decreased firerate on pogo.
- Removed shockwave.
- You can now use the Whale Summon Item through the Soda weapon.
<< Slenderman >>
- Removed for this version.


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