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Events / Re: Teamplay, Textures, Tango - A MM8BDM team mapping competition!
« on: November 02, 2021, 05:43:14 PM »
Thunder did a stunning job with pretty much everything he put into the map, from the general concept to the visual identity to overall direction. I'm on this map, and I'm not downplaying my own contributions to it at all, but this map would be very dramatically different without him. What Spectral Echo ended up being was something extremely special, something one perspective alone cannot get you - we both learned a lot from making this map, and we're pretty much both in agreement with our enthusiasm for MM8BDM mapping going forward.

I don't have much of novel to add from the layout-wise end of things that could be added - Thunder did a pretty good job of summing everything up - so I'm just going to talk a little bit about texturework, texture preparation, and so on. It can be a lot of fun if you devote some time to it, and it's really damn important since most people will notice odd visuals before they notice an odd layout. Some of this may be no-brainer information, but with another Jam on the way I'd like for my posts here and in CMCP to provide valuable information to new mappers or mappers that want to learn some intermediate tricks.

(click to show/hide)

Thank you to Mendez for hosting, thank you to the judges for the very generous scores, thank you to the other contestants for making some fun maps, and thank you Thunder for being the best!

Maps / LlamaHombre's One-Off Maps (MM2BUB2 - A Bubble Man With Room)
« on: October 26, 2021, 03:17:27 AM »
Hey, LlamaHombre here. I made the CMCP04 (Echelon and Flow) map present in Sweatpack and Catalyst Series 1, I'm as of writing this post still in judging for the TTT map competition for the map I made with my bestie Thunderono, and in general I'm continuing to make maps that I grow increasingly more fond of and proud of as time moves on. So as per tradition, I'm looking back on pretty much every old map I've ever made with an iron pick and breaking them into my new standards! yayyy

Thankfully a good number of my core maps are ones that I hold in relatively-to-high regard, with MM2DW2 being a staple in both casual and comp play since its v5a overhaul (no changes needed there) and MM9TOR being my baby, my favorite map I've ever made (that I would still probably poke at just a little haha). Bringing my old maps up to my modern day practices and whatnot is something I enjoy doing a lot and I figured this time I'd share what I've got just for public discussion and to try and get things in a hunky-dory space. I have just one map today but I'll probably update with some other ones later on down the line, or put anything here that I don't think quite fits into REALPack (which you should also check out, since the maps in it are great!).

This is all just a whole bunch of words saying "I really wanted to make bubbleman better without designing a brand new underwater map jesus christ so here's what I've got" lol

(click to show/hide)

I did design this as a direct replacement, but do think it is a dramatic change from the existing map both visually and structurally so I'm releasing it first and foremost as its own thing. If it makes it into core, great! If not then I still don't regret doing this, I'm a very big fan of how it turned out. Hopefully you all are too! Let me know.

Credit to Molly for some of the extra tiles used here, I think they look great and match the existing NES tiles about as well as anyone would hope. Credit to TrojanHorse711 for the swing version of Bubble Man's theme used in the map, I think it fits the "fresh coat of paint" feel I had while working on this map.


Events / Re: Cutstuff Mapping Jam 7: Jamomma
« on: October 25, 2021, 09:31:22 PM »
Who's jam?

Yeah sure I'm down (and this time I'm gonna finish my PBJ map too)

Events / Re: [EXPANSION] HAUNTED 8-bit deathmatch: Halloween returns!
« on: October 17, 2021, 09:21:16 PM »
I planned on helping out on the map-side but between TTT and a recent development in my real life I'm gonna miss the deadline unless I make something pretty terrible. Wishing everyone luck!

Forum Games / last post for a while
« on: January 02, 2021, 04:35:34 PM »
Bubble Man
Frost Man
Knight Man

Needle Man
Junk Man
Crystal Man
Stone Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 28, 2020, 11:00:08 PM »
Shadow Man
Gravity Man
Concrete Man
Dust Man
Flame Man

Centaur Man
Jewel Man
Bounce Man
Metal Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 26, 2020, 10:48:46 PM »
Magnet Man
Fuse Man
Blade Man
Hornet Man

Heat Man
Burner Man
Cut Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 24, 2020, 06:51:55 PM »
Tundra Man
Splash Woman
Torch Man
Solar Man

Shade Man
Quick Man
Guts Man
Slash Man

Forum Games / Re: Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 22, 2020, 01:43:38 AM »
Charge Man
Quick Man
Concrete Man
Spring Man
Snake Man

Splash Woman
Tundra Man
Crystal Man
Tomahawk Man

Forum Games / Re: Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 20, 2020, 05:13:38 PM »
Pharaoh Man
Needle Man
Blast Man
Nitro Man
Torch Man

Flame Man
Wood Man
Ground Man

Forum Games / Re: Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 19, 2020, 04:01:51 PM »
Blade Man
Magma Man
Dust Man
Pump Man
Tornado Man

Forum Games / Re: Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 17, 2020, 06:50:34 PM »
Hornet Man
Star Man
Metal Man
Gemini Man

Resources / Re: Finded Or Maked Sprites and Skins.
« on: December 02, 2020, 11:25:24 PM »
Rico looks very nice!

I love Ace Attorney, but I'm not huge on some of the later games in the series - I'd even go to say I hate the fourth one, Apollo Justice.
I don't think any of the games are substantially worse than each other in terms of production value, mystery solving, etc., but that game's plot was so nonsensically written that I often forget it's from one of my favorite authors, Shu Takumi.

It's left such a sour taste in my mouth that every game after trying to retcon and overwrite it just feels half-assed and soulless. There's a lot to love about games like Spirit of Justice, but I can't help but feel like the game would've been twice as good if it wasn't shackled down by trying to make up for or appease people who liked past games.

"Fine" is subjective, as it needs to update still, but it will run. If you can deal with some jank and some broken features, you can play it in a server.

CBM and CCBM will likely both see updates in the near future.

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