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Mega Man Unlimited: 8 Bit Deathmatch!

 Hello there, everybody! My name is Athel, and I'd like to introduce you all to a rather ambitious project of mine - an expansion pack based on the fangame Mega Man Unlimited!
 This started out originally as a question - what if CutmanMike and Co. decided to make an expansion based on the well-known fangame? It was a funny thought, but as time went on, I started actually wondering if such a thing was feasible. Earlier in 2019, I finally broke my silence on the forums and brought forth a "proof-of-concept," using assets from Jax's MMU weapons, various MMU class mods, and the tiles I ripped from MegaPhilX's stage maps (which you can see above). After seeing that there was interest, as well as receiving many warnings that expansions in development usually don't last long, I decided to formally start the project to see how far a fanmade expansion pack would go.
 At the moment, I am a one-man team here, and the assets I'm currently using are being used without permission from the respective authors, but fear not! I will be working on getting permissions from the respective artists to use their stuff in a project like this.
 The story of the expansion would take place after V5, but before V5's secret cutscene leading into V6. This is similar to how MMU takes place after MM9, as I believe that MMU would be sandwiched right in between 9 and 10 if it ever were to be considered part of the story line. I am also aiming for the expansion to have the same quality as the core game, so that players will have a seamless experience. The expansion itself would be selected upon starting a new game, where "UNLIMITED" would be it's own episode. Last but not least, the expansion would even come with it's own intro cutscene, establishing the story behind the expansion.
 As I've said before, however, this is a very ambitious project, probably one of my most ambitious to date. However, as a returning mapper with no good maps to his name, I figure I can use this as a learning experience, whilst making my dreams become reality. Volunteers are, of course, always welcome. In the worst case scenario, I can at least release the maps that I manage to create.
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 Going on a leap of faith here, I have set up a Discord server to keep track of all the crazy things that need to be done if this were to succeed. All are welcome, of course!
 And now, the old post, for archival reasons. I hope you guys will like what I have in store!
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