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See, here's the thing: No. Not officially so far. It's been asked much earlier in the years, but hopefully it'll be added way later. For the time being, maybe you should check out co-op mods instead. Here, this mod might help:

I have a very big issue to post about. I'll be playing 8-Bit Deathmatch for a while, then I need to go do something or I just fall asleep (like just earlier). When I try to exit the game, I can't click anything on my desktop! the taskbar works for a little while, but then it's disabled too. Basically the mouse still works but it isn't able to interact with anything on the screen at all. So I have to use the keyboard to open Task Manager and restart explorer.exe, which also does not work. After waiting a long time, suddenly the mouse is interactable again! This has happened every time I leave the game on for about an hour unattended (AFK)*. I have no idea why it does that, but I don't know if its really a game bug. Either way, it's a little odd. It probably doesn't even happen to other people...

*This is how you cause the issue to happen, but make sure you don't have anything else running that you need to click on at that time.

Help & Editing / Re: Do controllers work with this game?
« on: May 07, 2020, 08:32:20 PM »
I think I know how to fix this. First time I plugged a controller in, Xbox and PS4, they both did the same things. On a PS4 controller, the camera pushes to the top of the screen (facing up and spinning left) because the x and y view is set to both of the triggers. These are known as "X Rotation" and "Y Rotation" in the controller configuration menu, so you want to set those to none. Your "X Axis" would be set to strafing and the "Y Axis" would be set to moving forward. "Z Rotation" should go to looking up/down, while "Z Axis" needs to be on turning. If these settings don't work you might have to set all the configs to none and try out each option on every one of them. Just make sure that the X and Y rotations are on none because they are triggers that can be set as buttons in the "Customize Controls" menu. I would put up a picture but I don't know how exactly.

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