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I have a very big issue to post about. I'll be playing 8-Bit Deathmatch for a while, then I need to go do something or I just fall asleep (like just earlier). When I try to exit the game, I can't click anything on my desktop! the taskbar works for a little while, but then it's disabled too. Basically the mouse still works but it isn't able to interact with anything on the screen at all. So I have to use the keyboard to open Task Manager and restart explorer.exe, which also does not work. After waiting a long time, suddenly the mouse is interactable again! This has happened every time I leave the game on for about an hour unattended (AFK)*. I have no idea why it does that, but I don't know if its really a game bug. Either way, it's a little odd. It probably doesn't even happen to other people...

*This is how you cause the issue to happen, but make sure you don't have anything else running that you need to click on at that time.

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