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If you've been out of the loop, SECTINFO is a file that can be put into the root of your map pack's PK3 to provide a location name for any given sector in your maps. These location names can be seen in teammate coop info, typed out by using the $location chat command, or queried by ACS. More details about SECTINFO can be found here.

Heavily inspired by Thunderono's SECTINFO tool, this new set of scripts can be used with Ultimate Doom Builder to be able to generate SECTINFO definitions right inside of the map editor.

Additionally, as a bonus, there's extra scripts to easily add callouts to sectors or select all sectors of a given callout. Just like the aforementioned SECTINFO tool, Domination support is here too!

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Installation Guide

First, open any map in Ultimate Doom Builder. Once the map is open, click the Scripts tab on the right side of the screen.

This'll open a navigation pane where you can view and run all of the scripts you have. Inside of this navigation pane, right click on the Examples folder and click Open in Explorer.

This'll take you to the directory that the Examples scripts are stored within. We'll want to navigate back one directory to the Scripts directory which is the root of Ultimate Doom Builder's script storage, so click the Scripts piece of the directory path.

Next, you'll need to download the SECTINFO scripts, so click the download link here.

Once you have it downloaded, navigate inside of the ZIP file until you locate the SECTINFO folder.

Drag the SECTINFO folder into Ultimate Doom Builder's Scripts directory.

If successfully done, you'll see a brand new set of scripts in Ultimate Doom Builder. Enjoy!


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