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The name: Commander

Although this is my idea and I think it's cool, I also think it would not work in Doom.

The story: A WW2 British commander. Known for his strategical skills, he was sent to fight the Nazis by commanding a squad of elite Britigh soldiers (I couldn't think of anything better). Few months after being sent to a German town held by the Allied to command the troops from there, he and his asistant were captured by Russians because they were mistaken for German Nazi spies.

Russians used the two of them as subjects for testing their time machine prototype in a secret underground military lab. They locked them in the time machine chambers and set the timers so they spawn at the same place 20 seconds later. As the generators powered up the time machine, everything blacked out and the whole lab exploded. The experiment was, obviously, a failure. However, the commander and his asistant were sent through time, but not 20 seconds in future... but rather 100 years later.

The two of these elite commanders have spawned in the 20st century, however, the destination was not the ruins of the lab. They have spawned in a dark, cold forest with a devilish feel. The commander and his assistant have decided not to listen to their insticts that alarmed them to run away, but decided to spend the night in the forest and look for help the next morning. They have set up a fire and quickly fell asleep.

Two hours later, the commander was woken up by the screams of his asistant. He was slowly being torn apart by a large skull. The commander tried to attack the skull with a stick, but his asistant yelled: "Run for your life!". He started running to a random direction and was lucky enough to find an exit.

A police officer found him near the highway and later explained to him that he is in the 21st century, rather than calling him a nutcake.

The doctors whom the police officer has brought the commander to thought of sending him to an sanitarium, but the test have proven he was not mentally unstable so they had no excuse for doing and had to they let him go.

He decided to avenge his assitant by killing the Ghouls, so he made some hard-earned money. That was enough to buy himself the best equipment and to gather his private army. So he did... and know he's heading for the forrest.

The looks: A regular marine look, just with an antenna on his back and some rank symbols on his shoulders. He should be slightly transparent (I'll explain later why).

The abilities and guns: His only gun would be the plasma pistol: firing small bolts of energy that do not excel in firepower, but have a slight damage radius and hurt Ghouls that pass near the flying bolt (like the Fire arrows, but not so powerful. It should have 15 as ammo, but that reloads even if you move (you have to wait for it to cool down). The secondary fireheats up the pistol for a few seconds and then fire a big bolt of energy. However it should spend all your ammo, so you can't shoot right after you do it.

The next ability should be the beacon. You can send in fellow zombie sergeant like soldiers who use the same shotguns as the zombies do (but have slighly more health), but look like humans (eh?). However you can spawn only 5 and there is no reload, but you get another one each time you kill a Ghoul. The way it should work: you throw a beacon on the ground and 5 seconds later, a soldier teleports at that place.

Now, I know this wouldn't work because the soldiers (who technically work like monsters) would either not shoot at all or either fire at anyone, whether it is a foe or an ally. Too bad Doom hasn't got an integrated faction system.

The next ability would be that the commander as a class could run through the Ghouls like if they weren't there (but still take the damage regulary). As he had a failed time travel, he is partly in a paralel universe. That's why I also said he should be slightly transparent. He should also be able to run through things like sprite based objects; stuff like trees.

What is it's name?


^ am i doing it right?

Class is Warrior or Berserker.. whatever you think fits the description.

What is it's story?

A warrior from a distant time in human history that battled the likes of ghouls. I don't feel like getting very creative about it. He could have been preserved or he is from the tribe as the hunter? Perhaps a man of modern day but he has an incredible amount of bravery?

What does it look like? (feel free to post sprites/images)

Use the Warrior class sprite from Heretic

How does it play? (physics, abilities)

First close quarter human that can actually tank. He will have a very good close quarter weapon like a mace or a sword (a club is better). He'll be as fast as a hunter but make noise like a marine (or something unique to him). He will have a bit of a higher jump compared to the other classes to go over crates. He'll have a secondary fire that he could either go stealth for a very short period of time, heal small wounds, or cast a barrier but he is then stationary while it is cast.. that sounds wasteful.

Give him enough health to survive a sjas scream with 30 percent of his health remaining.. maybe lower because of radius. I don't know. Make his attack power strong enough to scare a Jitter, which will be hard to do considering that a jitter can run lapse around any human anyway (but it would be funny to see him jump and slap a sjas down from nowhere). I guess a tiny bit of radius to his melee attack won't hurt if it can ward off Creepers or Chokes doing only direct assaults (make the radius really short). A direct hit can floor a creeper though (so it would be a, "who touched who first.").

Also make the attack a bit expedient but not spammable. Idk. Trial and error on that one.

What are it's weapons?

A club or that Heretic sword.

Why does it belong on GVH?

Why the hell does a Hunter belong in GvH? This warrior can either belong to the tribe, a rival of it, or a warrior from the time in which people warred against the ghoul forest. It would also be an interesting twist to have a close quarter human class. In open maps, I can see this class being only mediocre unless there is some platforms or ledges to jump onto. In small and confined maps, it can probably do a lot better with its melee and secondary fire.

It can definitely bring out the bravery in the human team if someone decides to give the range game a rest but not go ghoul to go melee.

LOLZ a melee human class

*Human walks up to sjas to hit it*
*Sjas screams his head off*

*Human walks somewhat near to the jitterskull*
*jitterskull charges for free frag*

*He walks up to a creeper*
*Boxing time!*

*Human walks to choke*
*Human says "OMFG CHOKE IS SO DAMNED UGLY LOL I CANT GO NEAR HIM" and smashes his brains out*

Whatever way you put it a full melee human has no chance

Funny you made this topic, Cutman. I was thinking about this yesterday night and thought of coming here today and making a topic about it.  :D

Lemme keep these here for quick reference and editing later.

What is it's name?
What is it's story?
What does it look like? (feel free to post sprites/images)
How does it play? (physics, abilities)
What are it's weapons?
Why does it belong on GVH?

Here's a human class...

Name/Story/Look: Haven't thought of it yet. (I'll edit this when I have it.)

How does it play?: He/She should run at a pace a bit slower than Marine's speed, be able to camouflage him/herself while standing still (Doom's Invisibility shadow effect), and his/her steps should be unheard when walking (when running, it will be heard). This human class should also be able to duck low enough to fit in holes, and thus hunt Creepers. While crawling, he/she is surprisingly quick, but just enough to outrun the Creeper and it's definitely NOT an alternative to running. His/Her health is set at 90, the lowest HP of the human team. This class is basically the Humans's answer to the Ghouls's Creeper, and are therefore rivals.

Notes: Jumps 0.5 higher than the marine (with all that weaponry!? D:), is weak to Jitterskull's Crunch Attack, and is technically unaffected by the Creeper Curse Balls's paralyzing effect, aside from the damage which he/she still receives.

The Weapons?: 2 of them. As a primary weapon, he/she has flametrower used for flushing out hiding enemies. It can reach mid-range or farther away by presing fire or altfire respectively, but using altfire will consume gas more quickly (Altfire could alternatively launch a fireball, like that flamethrower in AEoD). The other weapon is a Sniper Rifle for far away targets, which includes another altfire as well. It's a Flash Bang (limited to 3) that you can throw to blind your enemies should they get close enough to you while you're sniping. Be careful though, because if you or your buddies get caught looking at the flash bang's explosion inside of the blindness radius, you will also be blinded momentarily. Frostbite is inmune to this (as it has no physical eyes), and Jitterskull is blinded for a reduced amount of time by it, making it virtually useless. You can use it to run away from nasty Sjas and the fast running Choke.

Note: The flames from the flamethrower are resisted by Jitterskull, so be wary. Also, the Flash Bangs cause very little damage to an opponent that gets hit by it's small radius explosion, and they explode upon one bounce so turn your back right away.

Why does it belong in GvH?: The Humans need a proper stealth class. A role switch of a human creeping up on Ghouls should be interesting and fun to try out.

A Ghoul class: I have one in the GF4 topic, where I made my first post  :)

The jitter part I can see happening over and over and it will still be funny.

That is why I recommend the warrior's health be high enough to live through a scream. :x Cyborgs live through it sometimes and it's fine.

That boxing match would be something to see.

Chokes can give human classes a hard time and they need to face you to do damage. :x Warriors are the chokes of humans.

Don't call chokes ugly. It hurt his feelings.. and Jitter's.


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