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MMX spirtes > MM zero sprites?


for some reason i find the SNES MMX sprites more pleasing to the eye than Megaman Zero's. this confuses me somewhat as the SNES and GBA have similar specs. is it because the GBA screen was smaller so they had less pixels? or perhaps the MM Zero sprites were better and my judgment is off?

I also find the SNES Mega Man X sprites more appealing. The Zero sprites can be good, but often are marred by a-bit-too-bright colors (which I understand why, because the GBA didn't have a backlight originally), which doesn't hold up perfectly in modern day. The sprites are also often smaller (also due to screen size) and more compact with the character designs, which leans towards the edgy anime look that I'm not all a fan of. All that being said, I still enjoy the Mega Man Zero games and these nitpicks don't take away from their overall charm and fun factor. I just like some of the X games more. 


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