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Global Forum Rules (Read em)


These rules apply to all forums on Cutstuff. Please follow them or else it's curtains for you!

KEEP IT CLEAN - Do not post or link to any adult content. Failure to do so will result in warns or bans.
KEEP IT LEGAL - Do not post or link to warez. Self explanatory, do not link to free stuff you should have to pay for.
KEEP IT FRIENDLY - No flaming other users. Heated debates are fine, but if it gets to the point you're calling each other names then action will be taken.
KEEP IT SANE - Unlike most forums I have little to no tolerance for retarded posts. What I mean by this is simply replying to a thread with pointless (i.e I lol'd) will result in a warn, ESPECIALLY if you just post a single picture. This isn't 4chan. Have a reason before you post, other than to humour others with stupid comments.
FIRST IMPRESSION IS EVERYTHING - Post shit on my forum in your first post and you're gone.
SPEAK IN ENGLISH - Cutstuff is an English speaking board, we please ask for the understanding and comprehension for all our members that you do not speak in other languages other than English.

If you think you can follow these rules, you'll do just dandy. Welcome to the board!


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