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The Ghoul's Forest / Re: YOUR ideas for Ghoul and Human classes
« on: July 14, 2014, 11:31:37 PM »
NAME: Mindmelter
TYPE: Ghoul

Its story:
Mindmelter, before his awful transformation, was a scientist living in a small town, working for a small company that studied the advancement in brain function. The scientist was mad, and used living, breathing human subjects in his secret, inhumane expreiments. year after year, the scientist would create horrible mutations from the experiments he performed, all in the name of science and productivity. one day, one of his test subjects escaped and burned his laboratory, taking the scientist with it. the horrible mixtures the Scientist had created spilled into his monstrously disfigured body, causing his brain and head to swell to incredible size, and the rest of his body to rot away. Yurei, seeing the potential for a servant who can fight with its own brain, revived the Scientist and recruit him to Yureis ranks, and dubbing him as "The Mindmelter."

Appearance: Mindmelter appears as a skull with eyes still intact, but its brain has swollen to incredible size, and is exposed through its broken, bloody skull.

Ability: it has little health, but can move quickly. he is more of a supporter than an attacker, using his opponents minds to his advantage.

Damaging Hallucination: Mindmelter causes the victim to hallucinate a mass of hornets attacking them, which causes damage over time until the victim either dies or the hallucination comes to an end.

Mental Decoy: Mindmelter causes the humans to see a non-existant copy of one of the ghouls, which runs about, acting as a distraction for the humans.

Mind Control: a low damage attack that, when it kills a human, causes the victim to become a minion for the Ghouls.

Reason: i feel that there needs to be more classes that can assist other teammates.

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