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Do controllers work with this game?


Whenever I plug in a controller and start the game, the menu works fine. However when I start playing, whether it be online or offline, the camera goes to the top corner, meaning that I'm spinning in place and looking up. I have perfect control over everything else but I can't move effectively. Is this supposed to happen and do controllers work with this game?

Also, I think this happens because the game isn't using the keyboard and mouse, so the mouse goes to the top left corner of the screen and because it's still in effect, it moves the camera there as well. However, I can't fix this because even with mouse control turned off, it's still affecting the camera's position. is there something I'm doing wrong? did I turn off the wrong thing?

Does the type of controller I have affect this too? I use a PS4 controller and when I played with my PS3 controller, it worked just fine. if it does, is there a way to fix it or do I need a different controller?

I'm not super familiar with PS4 controllers, but it may be reading motion controls or the touch pad as mouse movements...?

i dunno, maybe try to use some keybinding and maybe try to use the steam controler(?) i dont know how this works.

I think I know how to fix this. First time I plugged a controller in, Xbox and PS4, they both did the same things. On a PS4 controller, the camera pushes to the top of the screen (facing up and spinning left) because the x and y view is set to both of the triggers. These are known as "X Rotation" and "Y Rotation" in the controller configuration menu, so you want to set those to none. Your "X Axis" would be set to strafing and the "Y Axis" would be set to moving forward. "Z Rotation" should go to looking up/down, while "Z Axis" needs to be on turning. If these settings don't work you might have to set all the configs to none and try out each option on every one of them. Just make sure that the X and Y rotations are on none because they are triggers that can be set as buttons in the "Customize Controls" menu. I would put up a picture but I don't know how exactly.

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