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Doombuilder Map Card Script Not Working in V6


Hello. I've picked Doombuilder back up due to the release of V6 as it has re-sparked my desire to map-make and build, and hopefully release my own map pack for the community to enjoy.

I'm currently in the middle of my second map, and attempting to add in the script for the Map Card on it, but it doesn't seem to work. I've attached an image of the errors below.

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Essentially, Doombuilder is telling me that the function SetCvarString is used but not defined. However, my first map uses the exact same script, (Minus the question marks of course, replaced with real data as I plan to do here as well) and the Map Card works. However, that map was developed near the end of V5D before the release of V6. I've looked around Doombuilder and opened that map back up, and if I attempt to compile or do anything concerning it, it gives me the same errors. But if I open up the map in Doombuilder and don't touch the script, it doesn't give me that error. Once again I'd like to repeat that this was made in V5D, so I'm not sure if the new errors with the script are because of V6.

I am using V6 in Doombuilder as a resource (the .pk3 to be precise) so I can use some of the new weapons and power-ups.

I have viewed the topics on:

Map Cards for V5B (Which is for a previous version but I wanted to do my research before posting.):

And a few other discussions trying to find an answer, but given that V6 is so recent, I don't think this has been asked before. (And if it is, I apologize for posting this again, as I did not find that topic.)

So I'm asking for help, as for what to do concerning the Map Card? Is there something I need to do in Slade? Is it something with Doombuilder? MM8BDM V6? I would not only like to remedy this current problem but hopefully know how to avoid running into this for the future maps in the pack. And perhaps this can help some others who may be running into the same issue.

Thank you in advance.

You need to update your ACC and acs files in your Doombuilder Compilers folder. Extracting these in there should allow you to compile

Wow, I must admit I didn't expect Cutmanmike to respond to this himself!

It worked! Extracting and overwriting the files you provided let the Map Card come up as intended. Thank you!


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