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Campaign Language Lump


   This was originally to come alongside a more elaborate vanilla campaign expansion/tweak project, but a number of people said they would appreciate having it quicker all on it's own, so here it is.
- Most text in the singleplayer campaign is now stored within "LANGUAGE.enu".

- Editing most existing text is now as simple as creating a new WAD, putting a language lump in it, and copying over the text you personally want changed. Once in-game, make sure your language is set properly (default is "language enu" in the console), and you should see your custom text in place of the original.
- A few instances of text are located as graphical patches, with the text baked into the image. Those require manual editing outside of language lump capabilities, and are not affected by language settings. (This feature doesn't exist in Zandronum afaik, and is currently dummied out of ZDoom's source. If that feature returns, they will be integrated proper.)

- Full music credits exist now!
- Ever wanted to know where that one boss/intense track that only ever plays during a map comes from? Well now the list in the language lump is completed. (Only the UNKOWN maps have their boss music mapcards updated, arenas don't have any new functionality to display them.)

   I might've left in a few random things from my bigger project (like fixing Roll's Skin Wardrobe getting stuck on the first and last entries with the speed buttons), but there's not major sweeping changes to core components. It's just v6b with a bunch of l:"_" and "$_" under the hood. If you have any questions, or I missed a spot, make a post in this thread or [#modtalk] in MM8BDM Unofficial.

mery chrimus
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This brings us closer to a potential JPN version of 8-Bit Deathmatch.


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