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I need a moderator

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Okay so it seems that along with most creatures of the night, spamming retards come out at the same time. I am never here when this happens so I need a moderator to ban and remove posts made by these. I only need a moderator to undergo the task of taking care of idiots though, not promoting threads, locking and such so the moderator will only gain the ability to ban and remove posts.

Let me know if you're game.

i want to be a moderator but will be a lot of work because i am busy with my school but i like to tell others about spamming people!
ex: Bcat was a spawner and now he is banned!
he showed only a screenshot multiplied 100x and excessive replies!
EDIT1: i am not sure if i wanna be a moderator, so others will be! :)

I'll take up the job. I'm p. active around here during the times you're not, and I check by often. You prolly already know (or probably not) that I'm part of Skulltag's staff, so you can trust me :p

i am a active member, but im not sure if i can do a good job, recruit me if you want.

I open my internet browser daily, am leader of a serious clan with well behaved members, have a forum of my own which is perfectly stable and had no bad encounters yet, and to top it all off I like it here.

Im definetly your man :)

I go here, what... every 30 minutes unless im in game?
Lol. Just sayin' im extremely active, and you can even pm me : you will catch a response within an hour-7 hours AT MOST.


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