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Bad multiplayer?

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--- Quote from: "Frits" ---coop is laggy and buggy
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laggy and buggy don't count on this list!
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but its so laggy it screws it up! thats baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Starwars Republic Commando: The main gameplay was excellent, except for being too short. The multiplayer on the other hand was so bland and generic. Your typical FPS multiplayer settings. DM, TDM, CTF. Since the weapons were designed for single player, when it came down to multiplayer, there was some major balance issues. (the concussion rifle was almost a hitscan, and an ohko weapon and its melee attack is just as cheap.) The maps were decent. However it had so few. They weren't the type of well crafted maps that games such as TF2 has. All in all, it was a lackluster multiplayer that seemed to have been slapped on near the end of development (much like many FPS's).

Donkey Kong Country Series: All three games had awesome single player. Multiplayer really wasn't all too good. The cooperative mode had to be one of the worst ideas I ever seen. The competetive mode was less annoying, still wasn't all that great.

Battletoads: Friendly attacks and the 11th level. Type of game that makes you want to strangle your buddy for all those accidental hits.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Sonic 3 (& knuckles) is an epic single player game. The multiplayer portion on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired for. The racing sucked so horribly, I forgot it was even there.

Hope these help.

Already got battletoads down, friggin friendly fire on BEAT EM UPS


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