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How do "I" do THAT in Doom Builder?

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--- Quote from: "Kshakas" ---Excellent idea Messatsu.
So how do you make conveyor belts..i think its called, having a mind melt atm.
--- End quote ---
Here's how Metal Man does it.

Very nice, next question  :D how does one make mirrors, like the one in dr lights lab.

Mirrors are just a linedef action.  Only restriction is that they MUST be on a single sided linedef.

Galaxy Sisbro:
Whao, good thread Messatsu!!!
I have one But a very difficult question:

How i can do 2 floors? Like Ivory Map ICTF03, or sniper Joe challenge. And also: How i can do translucid Floors?

And thanks for the maps, now i have more inspiration for new maps.

Alrighty, I can show the transparent floors.  The two story trick is basically the exact same thing, but just implemented differently. (As far as I can tell.  Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong as this is the first time I've seen it.)


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