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I noticed that there isn't a rule thread. So I'll try and make one myself (I'm not backseat modding... I hope.)

Cutstuff Forum Rules

Useless posting
If you want an example of useless posting that just look at just about every post pucy100 has made. Think before posting. Try to avoid stating the obvious, just make a point and explain.

If you want an example of Spamming than go look at Bcat's posts... oh wait you can't. No matter how funny Cutman's Realm667's picture is. Spamming will not be tolerated.

Backseat moderating
If you want an example of backseat moderating than look at some of Danzolegend's posts. If you see someone making offensive posts just PM the administer or the moderator. Don't make a fool of yourself.

If you want an example of disrespect than look at some of DoomThroughDoom's older posts... darn you can't see those either. If you disrespect everyone in the forum than the Administrator will ban you.

Offensive posting
This is very close to Respect. If you have a problem with somebody than PM them because others don't want to see it. The only people you can disrespect is people who make Useless posts all the time or spammers. Just don't go over that very thin line.

Love GvH
You must love Ghouls Vs Humans. Never ever say you hate it or say it's imbalanced. You also must send Cutmanmike chocolates through the post and propose to him every other minute.

(click to show/hide) He's 22 now Realm667 dammit!

herp de derp

Lmfao. Make the rules more obvious then.

I blame Cutman.

that's the image that was posted by Bcat?


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