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Looks absolutely stunning.
However, I can see many older models (Veigar, for instance) clashing with the new style.  Perhaps a model overhaul will come on the heels of this?

No one ever remembers refrigerator box Sion  :(

I plan on getting back into this game, but I haven't played it since Feburary 2014. I know only a little bit of stuff from June.

What should I know before I return? Notable champion changes, new and removed items, etc.

-Xerath gameplay update
-Skarner gameplay update
-Summoner's Rift Visual Update
All spells apply a stack of his passive when they deal damage. Upon reaching 3 stacks, deals true damage
Thunder Bolt-esque Q
Skillshot W that damages everything on its path a second time after a few seconds
Cho'Gath Q for E that knocks a little back instead of up
Ultimate is a death ray that is ridiculously satisfying to use
Attacking and Q applies stacks of passive. Reaching four stuns them. Allies can help proc passive after it's applied.
Q is a skillshot that does damage, slows, and applies passive
W is a targeted ability that jumps to an ally and gives them armor/mr
E blocks projectiles in a direction like Yasuo, but you can move with it. They're only blocked, not phased out of existence, so if it blows up[jinx rocket] it'll still blow up
R is a groundpound kind of like Alistar Q but it also shoots out a line that slows, knocks up slightly, and immensely knocks up the first person hit
Passive is a "Mega" form that turns him really tanky and changes up his skills when he reaches full fury gained from being in combat
Q throws a boomerang that comes back, or a rock that you can pick up. catching/picking up the projectile makes the cooldown a lot slower
W applies stacks and when it gets to three deals magic damage, or it's a rectangular stun in an area right in front of you
E makes you hop and you'll bounce off the first person you hit, or you just jump and slow people you land on
R makes you move fast when your W goes off, or hurls everyone in a circle around you into a direction of your choosing.
Passive 1 lets you revive a turret that isn't directly inside the enemy base that gains your AP as extra damage
Passive 2 converts CDR into attack speed
Q moves sand soldiers to a location dealing damage and slowing
W summons a sand soldier, use it on turret to deal damage. sand soldiers auto attack anything you try to auto attack within their range
E moves you to a sand soldier. If you hit someone on the way, you knock them up and get a shield
R is a wall that spawns behind you and moves forwards, dealing damage and knocking people back. The wall blocks all non-blink movement options, but your teammates can walk through it.
Passive 1 lets her press a direction during auto attacking to hop a short distance that way, but she cannot cancel auto attacks
Passive 2 lets her join with a teammate to gain additional bonuses on her other skills
Q throws a spear and does damage. If it kills something, it'll go through it and pass any E stacks on to the next thing it hits.
W Passive applies a stack to whoever you auto attack/q, and if the person you joined with auto attacks it deals extra damage
W Active makes a ghost patrol an area, alerting you if someone enters its field of view
E is Twitch's passive/e but better. Applies stacks up to infinity, press it to slow and deal damage. Essentially better smite when fighting dragon/baron
R makes the person you joined with untargetable and calls them to you. They can then choose to dash out and knock up people
Passive heals her while she's burrowed at the cost of Fury
Q makes her next three auto attacks hit in a circle around her and deal extra damage
Q while burrowed is a skillshot that reveals people it hits
W burrows or unburrows her. Unburrowing knocks up people you hit. While burrowed, your vision range is reduced dramatically, but circles pop up telling you where people are moving nearby
E does damage to a single target and does true damage when she's at full Fury
E while burrowed dashes you to a location and leaves behind a reusable tunnel system
R moves you to an existing tunnel system
Passive 1 spawns chimes around the map, go pick them up to power up passive 2, get experience, mana, and temporary movement speed
Passive 2 spawns little things that enhance your auto attacks
Q slows and goes through the first target it hits and stuns if it hits either a wall or another person [who also gets stunned]
W places a health shrine in a location that gives a speed boost when picked up. if left alone for a bit it'll heal more
E is a tunnel you can place that goes in a straight line through any wall. Any champion in the game can go through, but allies move faster
R is a massive range forced Zhonya's Hourglass for anything hit by it, including turrets, champions, dragon, and baron
-Veigar "rework"
Q is a skillshot
E has a delay before activating it
-Kassadin neuter
Ult range reduced by 1000
-Sion update came out.
-Viktor got updated
-Deathfire Grasp removed, replaced with Luden's Echo, Statikk Shiv for AP characters
-Jungle changed again, machete builds into different items that change how your smite functions, including the ability to smite champions
-Various visual updates including a mass texture update to almost all the champions in the game as a temporary fix until visual updates can be completed
-Tristana E change coupled with her visual update she's also adorable now
-URF mode, everyone became manaless with 80% CDR. It'll be coming back soon.
-Zz'Rot Portal is a new item that places a portal that spawns minions for pushing a lane
-The next ultimate skin DJ Sona came out
-Athene's Unholy Grail is now terrible and should never be bought
-A new item Righteous Glory makes you go really really fast when running at enemy champions
-New elixirs to replace the old Red, Blue, and long gone Green ones
-Complete rework of Dragon and Baron, they give different buffs now.
Dragon stacks up to a max of 5 and gives different buffs each time
Baron gives you AP, AD, makes you back twice as fast, and makes minions you're near really good at pushing
-Inhibitor and Nexus turrets shoot lasers that slow, deal constant damage, and reduce the armor/mr and damage of anyone they're shooting.
-Side lane inner turrets give shields when you're next to them
-Every jungle monster now gives you a buff when you smite it.
Krugs[Golems] make your first auto attack and every fifth after that stun for a short time
Red heals you
Blue gives you mana
Gromp[Wight] makes you deal damage to things that hit you based on your health
Wolves[Wolves] summons a based wolfdog that alerts you when someone enters the jungle
Razorbeaks[Ghouls] makes it so you're alerted when spotted by a ward and gives you a temporary oracle's Elixir
-A new passive jungle monster lives in both rivers
Kill it for a free ward in front of dragon/baron and a speed boost when you walk over it
-Lissandra is played top, Nidalee is cancer, Morgana, Zyra, and Zilean are supports, and Rumble got a legendary skin you'd enjoy[see videos below]
-An entire rock album based on the fictional Pentakill band. It's amazing.
-They've released a bunch of really cool videos

Vel'Koz: First Contact
[Character building for Vel'Koz]
(click to show/hide)
Super Galaxy Rumble is Ready to Rock
[Legendary skin hype]
(click to show/hide)
Trials of the Poro
[Next time, you get my back]
(click to show/hide)
[Main song for the Pentakill album]
(click to show/hide)
A New Dawn
[Pretty cinematic, has best facial expressions for Graves]
(click to show/hide)
Final Boss Veigar
[Veigar Legendary skin with a ridiculous amount of game references]
(click to show/hide)
Shurima video series
[Two videos for hyping up Azir and providing lore]
(click to show/hide)

Imagine Dragons - Warriors
[Partnering with Imagine Dragons to make a really cool video for Worlds]
(click to show/hide)
Dunkmaster Darius
(click to show/hide)
Tales of the Black Mist: The Harrowing
[Halloween Video]
(click to show/hide)
The Pledge
[Kalista hype video]
(click to show/hide)
The Terror Beneath
[Rek'Sai teaser video, animated nice]
(click to show/hide)
The Curse of the Sad Mummy
[Really pretty music video starring Amumu, in addition to releasing a soundtrack of league stuff]
(click to show/hide)
Bard: Mountain
[Bard hype video animated by the Korra animators]
(click to show/hide)
There's a lot more that's happened, but I figure that's enough for one post.



also if any1 still plays this SHITgame my summoner name is 610 on NA : ))


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