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Looking for missing wads? Check here first.

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Checking the servers out? Wanted to join that popular server? But oh no! I'm missing wads and I don't use Doomseeker or IDE! What do I do?
Check this thread of course! It has the links to take you where you want to go.

Left Side is the proper name, Right side is the file name (minus extensions and versions)
Map Packs
IX-Pack (IX-Pack)
Another Medal Mappack (AMP)
Cutstuff Community Maps & Remixed Maps (CSCMRemix)
ShadeBundle (shadebundle)
Kappak (kappak)
Roc Pack (RocPack)
Best Maps Ever Pack (BestMapsEver)

Game Modifications
Screw Scramble (ScrewScramble)
?Box Mode (qbox)
King Yamato's Classes Overhaul (classes-ky)
Yellow Devil Classes (classes)
Megaman X1 Classes (mmxclasses)
Cutstuff Community Classes (cscc)
Rage Roboenza (Rageroboenza)
SSW - Bot Apocalypse (botapoc)
Mess - Bot Apocalypse (Botapocalypse)
Beed - Chaos Generator (chaosgenerator)
Saxton Hale (saxton&friends)
megaman battle & chase project (MMBC)
MM8-10 Weapons (mm8-10)
Uki's Weaponry (UkiyamasWeaponPack)
Awesome Network (MegaManAwesomeNetwork)
Joust Mode (JoustMode)

Expansion Packs
Megaman Powered Up! (PoweredUp)

This list is incomplete, I'll add more on it later. Feel free to post any threads/projects I missed. Just keep in mind, the primary concern is stuff that actually gets hosted.
This list is to help newcomers find these wads easier, not a master list of every last mod ever created.

I updated the Newcomer thread with this thread.

Hopefully this stops most useless questions.

Laggy Blazko:
What about Uki's weapons? They are hosted often.

Hallan Parva:
What about AwNet? :ugeek:

That's hosted by Ken fairly often (and soon Human Destroyer).


--- Quote from: "SmashBroPlusB" ---What about AwNet? :ugeek:

That's hosted by Ken fairly often (and soon Human Destroyer).
--- End quote ---

Btw, is 3:30-9:00 PM EST on Friday good, SmashBro?

/me is happy to be mentioned!


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