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[MM8BDM] Father's Day Throwback LOCK PLEASE

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--- Quote from: "Lobsters" ---Lobster post move along.

I don't think people can make it.  Father's day is usually a day where you do things against your will have at you.  'Scuse me time to skulk at the fact I'll be watching Nacho Libre!!!!! *Cries himself to sleep* hankerchief please.  Also why V1D? Why not V1A or that demo thingamajig.
--- End quote ---

*hands lobs a handkerchief*

I don't actually know if v1a is still readily available. Is it?

Anyway, I may end up canceling because I might not be around that day anyway >_>

Way to go plan an event you won't attend. :/

EDIT: Cries into the hankerchief.

v1a Power Stone was incredibly OP. v1a Plant Barrier didn't even work. HD, not to sound rude, but I suggest you cancel it without a second thought. Nobody is really going to be playing on any holiday.

Yeah this event is a bomb, to be brutally honest.


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