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[MM8BDM] Remembering the SGC Demo!

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T's Inventions:
Ok, so the event is coming up very soon! I was hoping one of you guys would have a better link to the MM8BDM SGC Demo
from a site like Media Fire or Game Front. Are you guys sure nobody still has a little archive of it?

Anyway, I knew people would be wondering what version of Skulltag/Zandronum should we use.
I would just pick the original version of Skulltag the SGC demo came with (98C).
However, what version do you guys think we should use?

Laggy Blazko:
I vote for Zandronum.

Super Bondman 64:

Though if people decide not to use the Skulltag that comes with it, someone might need to make a re-packaged download.
This way may just be the simplest.

T's Inventions:
OK! Server is up now! Come on in guys!


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