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[TF2] Wynaut: The Highlander Adventure

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Stardroid Venus:
Steam Name:Dark_Masaku (Kirbz)
Team: RED
3 Map Picks:Dustbowl, Harvest , Well

Steam Name: LlamaHombre
Team: BLU
Class: Pyro, willing to play Sniper or Demo if someone else wants Pyro
3 Map Picks: Dustbowl, Harvest , Granary

Blaze Yeager:
Steam Name: Blaze McPhearson
Team: Blu
Class: Demoman, I'll be willing to go spy as backup
3 Map Picks: Dustbowl, Harvest, and Badwater Basin (I think this was used on Highlander before?)

Steam Name: A big teddy bear
Team: RED
Class: Scout
Maps: koth_harvest_final, cp_gravelpit, cp_dustbowl


--- Quote from: "HD_" ----Each team is limited to one of each class

--- End quote ---


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