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Tournament Multi-Classes 2 -V6E- Master of 4 classes

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Tournament Multi-Classes 2 -V6E- Master of 4 classes

The second Tournament of robotmasters will begin!

After a nice tournament which was finished in one night in July, Iím starting a new one for September![/color]

How does it work?

The tournament is 1vs1 direct elimination.
Battles are best two out of three.
Classes v6e will be used. All map packs are acceptable.
A pool system will be attempted with 3 or 4 players for each. Afterwards, the finals will begin.
If there is a draw between the 3 or 4 players, a final deathmatch between them must be done!
You can choose 4 Robot Masters; ONLY these four can be used. You must choose your Robot Masters before your first match. You can only change your classes in the finals, not in the pool. Tell me your 4 Robot Masters before your first match! If you wish to subscribe and do not have your four classes chosen, you are allowed to pick before the tournament starts.
You can play with buckshot or no-buckshot.
Maps disabled: MM5WAV, MM5GYR, MM7DW4, etc.
You CANNOT use Proto Man, Bass, Mega Man or Copy wep Doc.
Use balanced" Patch if you want, it's optionnal.

Can we win a prize?

Yes there is! The tournament is simple, but the prize will be better than the last tournament!
The first price will be a banner AND a picture (complete) by Dusty! I will pay for it myself for the winner (if Dusty can do it!)
Example of Dustyís art: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2628
The second price will be a special Banner! I have a friend who can make one!


I am hosting this tournament, so I want:
No anger or bad feelings over losing. This is meant to create a good atmosphere like the last tournament.
No changing the rules. If anyone attempts to do so, he will be eliminated.
No insults to other players.
Llamaing is unacceptable if the targetís computer connection is shown to be bad.
Be SURE you can play when the tournament starts!
Be sure that the server you play in can give both opponents a fair ping level.
If a player wishes to challenge the server host with bad ping, he is allowed to do so.
If there is shown to be a problem within the tourney, message me- I will attempt to be at all the matches.

Last rule:
(oh yeah, im crazy!)

(Need a music for that!)


Name (1 name please):
The 4 robotmasters: (you can choose till the start of the tourney)
Can you host?
Can you play often for the tourney? (wrong english sorry)


So, i subscribe:
Name: Stonefunk
Robotmasters: Idk!
Can i host: No
I can play often the night, i dont work.
Comments: I will try my best again ^^ :p Last tourney was really a good experience for me (cutman map with bik)

_ Stonefunk: Shadowman, Hardman, Heatman, Yamatoman
_ TurboDude: Knight Man, Dark Man 3, Air Man, Burst Man.
_ Yellow Devil: Snake Man, Pharaoh Man, Knight Man, Punk
_ [Robot Master] Dood: Charge Man, Crystal Man, Stone Man, Napalm Man
_ Dark Aura: Skull Man, Oil Man, Quick Man, Dark Man 2
_ Korby: Fireman, Pharaohman, Darkman 1, Gravityman
_ Gumballtoid: Bomb Man, Stone Man, Slash Man, Enker
_ Rozark: Ballade, Elecman, Windman, Punk
_ [Science] HD: Enker, Napalm, DM1, Gyro
_ LlamaHombre: Flame Man, Bright Man, Blizzard Man, Ice Man
_ Watzup7856: Crash, Knight, Flame, Star
_ Joan of Arcterra: Cloudman, Darkman 2, Sparkman, Stoneman!
_ Tengu: Gyro, Quick, Gravity, Bright
_ Stardroid Kirbiz:  DM1,DM3,Airman,Skullman
_ Pure Unadulterated Evil: Guts Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Knight Man.
_ StyliN' : Pharaoh Man, Gyro Man, Elec Man, and Bass.
_ A Ninny Mouse: Roll, Gyroman, Centaurman, Elecman
_ A Bear: Gyroman, Dr Wily, Hardman, Flashman
_ Villain:  Bright Man, Hard Man, Stone Man, Flash Man.
_ Bikdark:  skull/grav/toma/metal
20 PLAYERS: 4 groups of 5 players.


Here is the BRACKET!

Group A: 1/Korby 2/Stylin
Stonefunk 0 1 0 0
Korby 4
Stylin 2 0 1
[Robotmaster] Dood 0 1 0
A ninny mouse 0 0 /0
Group B: 1/A bear 3/Arc Terra
Yellow Devil 0 0
Dark Aura 0 0
LlamaHombre 0 0
ArcTerra 0 1 1 1
A Bear 4

Group C: 1/BikDark 2/Tengu
Bikdark 3 0
Tengu 3 0
Gumballtoid 0 0 1 1
Rozark 0 0
Stardroid Kirbiz 0 0 1

Group D: 1/Pure Unadulterated Evil 2/Turbodude
Pure Unadulterated Evil 3
Villain 1 0 0
[Science] HD 0 / / /
Watzup7856 0 0
TurboDude 3 0

For the finals:

The winner of the group A will fight the 2nd of the group B and ect....

A 1 with B 2 =
A 2 with B 1 = =
C 1 with D 2 = =
C 2 with D 1 =

If somone can make a but it's not necessary for it.

If there is a draw/equal thing, just do a final DM (exemple second are 3 guys, do a DM between them!, the winner will be the second of the group..ect.....)

Others things: Don't push the guy to the match, give him the time to play and to relax. ^^


Oh boy, here we go.

Name: TurboDude
Classes: Knight Man, Dark Man 3, Air Man, Burst Man.
(EDIT assuming SF doesn't mind: Gravity Man, Dark Man 3, Air Man, Wind Man)
Can I Host: Possibly.
Can you play often for the tourney?: Yes, but it helps if events are planned ahead of time, or if you ask me on Skype.

Hallan Parva:
oh hey another Stonefunk tourney this should be fun
--- Quote from: "Stonefunk" ---maps CSCM V5B ONLY.
--- End quote ---
I can no longer take this seriously

Shade Guy:
I believe he was referring to CSCMR being the only additional map pack allowed, not the only maps allowed.

So, you know, stock maps would be fair game as well.

Hallan Parva:
Which is exactly my point. Why would CSCM be allowed in a quote-unquote "Master of Classes" tournament?

Sure, the pack may have its high points, but a majority of the maps are not designed with DM in mind at all ever.

The fact that no other map packs are allowed only compounds the flaw in judgment.

Besides, what's wrong with going straight-up vanilla?


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