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[MM8BDM] Gang CTF (classes may or not be included)

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So, I am hosting an event for CTF! It is a CTF for gangs/clans/teams/[insert synonyms here] that may or may not be ran with classes.

(click to show/hide)The rules are simple. You must be in a clan/team/gang/whatever of your choice. The clan can be whatever size it is.

     1. You must register your clan with me. You can do this via Skype or PM me on here (Skype is faster.) The format of your message should be something like:

"Team Name: [Your team name]
"Team Members: [Your in-game name] ([your online forum name])"

If you add anymore more members, tell me their team name, in-game name, and online user name.

     2. Matches will be set up in games, sets, and matches. You must reach a specific number of games to win a set, and a specific amount of sets to win a match. All matches will be round-robin due to the small size of teams available. This may change in the future if there are many more teams that join in this event.

Currently, a match is one set, and a set is two games (meaning you must win two games to get a set, and one set to win the match). This may change in the future.

     3. Clans/Teams/Whatever will have a team of representatives playing for them. This will be 3-5 members. You will have the same amount of reps. as the other team playing each game, but you can change each rep. after each game.

    4. You may change classes in-game at any given time. The following are banned from use:

Flash Man

This list may change in the future.

     5. *sigh* Look, I know you guys are somewhat mature 'cuz we can say fuck and shit and a whole other list of words and not freak out. However, despite the fact I'm totally pro-freedom of speech, you MAY NOT use racial slurs as well as calling someone a "fag" or other derogatory word. We may be shooting and killing each other but that is no excuse for the misplacement of manners.

You MAY use curse words, like twat and all that good stuff, but do not direct derogatory words/phrases to others. PLEASE be polite. Also, excessive and unnecessary is frowned upon, however, I will not and you for such.

Also, please do not try to bypass this rule by saying things like, "You N-word," or, "You're such a c**t waffle," or any of the like. This will result in a ban instead of a kick.

     6. DON'T SPAM!!! Period (or rather exclamation point!).

     7. Games will be 15 minutes max and 5 flags max.

If you win two games, you win the match. If you lose two games, you lose the match. If you get two draws and a win, you win the match. If you get two draws and a loss, you lose the match. If you get a win, a loss, and a draw, you draw the match. If you get three draws, you guys are well-matched (and you also draw the match).

Winning a match will reward your team one point. Drawing the match will your team half a point (0.5). Losing gives you shame and no points.

At the end of the tourney, the team with the most amount of points wins. If teams end up in first place, then all of those teams will face off round-robin against each other in a match that is 2 games per set, 1 set per match.

Breaking of the rules may result in a ban or a kick, and causes your team to replace you for the rest of the match. If they cannot find a sub, your team automatically forfeits the match. If you are banned, you will be banned for the rest of the tourney and may join the next tourney. If you keep getting banned, you will be perma-banned from the server. If you keep getting kicked from the tourney, you will be banned from that tourney and maybe subsequent tourneys.

Those are the current rules for now.MEET THE TEAMS (click to show/hide)ASIST (Action Specialized Implementation Support Team)
-GENO (dayman) (~Founder and Owner)PEOPLE WHO NEED TEAMS (PM me or Skype me telling me that you need a team)
(click to show/hide)Colonel Servbot (Colonel Servbot)ALLIANCES
(click to show/hide)Teams may ally themselves with other teams. This means these teams will never fight each other (when they are supposed to go against each other the match will be considered an automatic draw). However, if in the end these two teams are at a draw for the totaling of all teams scores, the alliance is temporarily broken off so these two may duel and they lose 0.5, and all those who are tied for first must fight all of each other round-robin style (see RULES (7) for more details).

In addition to not fighting each other, you may borrow willing team members of the allied team. (You may not do this if your alliance is broken - temporarily or not). You may borrow as many as you want as long as they are willing to be borrowed.

The alliances are as follows:
(click to show/hide)The first time this event will be held is 10:30 AM (CDT) of Sunday October 21th, 2012. (This is a practice tourney.) - CANCELED DUE TO LACK OF PARTICIPANTS
The second time this will be held is 8 PM (CDT) of Monday October 22nd, 2012. (This is a semi-official tourney.) Update: The event will now be held at 9 PM (CDT). CANCELED DUE TO LACK OF PARTICIPANTS
The third (and official time) this event will be held is 10 PM (CDT) of Saturday October 27th, 2012. CANCELED DUE TO LACK OF PARTICIPANTS
All subsequent times of this tourney are TBA (if I do continue this event).WADS TO USE (click to show/hide)Classes-v6e.pk3
IX-Misc -[/color]
SUGGESTIONS AND MY RESPONSES TO THEM (PM me or Skype me telling me what you want to suggest) (click to show/hide)N/A
This is all for now please feel free to comment on this in this forum. Enjoy your day and eat a sandwich if you read every single word of this post.

If you need to contact me for anything, my Skype is daymanlisdianinsix. Otherwise, please PM me.

Update: Okay, so I changed the poll. Due to the similarity of the other event, I'll just merge the two here, asking if you want to play this CTF event with or without classes (if at all).

Everything that refers to class rules will be in red (#FF0000), and what applies to both will remain black.

CTF (and this event) needs more lovin'! ;w; C'mon, there's gotta be some people in favor of this and wants to go through with it~!

Needs moar BalancePatch, Comp Pack, Knux Pack, and IX-Misc. No offense.

Bump for updates and edits.

I was almost interested until I saw it was Classes CTF. You almost got me, but since I do not do Classes, I'll continue to think about my own little CTF competition. I still wish you luck in spreading the word that CTF needs to be played more often, cause I agree with that.


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