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Mr. X:
The X-Pack has officially merged with the I-Pack. All X-Pack related news is to go to theIX-Pack Thread(formally I-Pack).

My Modes links (set to buckshot):  
Ninja Mode:
Fight with ninja-like weapons and stealth!

Snowball Fight:
Who wants a snowball fight?

Elemental Teams:
Fire vs. Water (vs. Earth vs. Wind in 4 Team games)

My Music Packs links (now 100% less rule-breaking...I think)
Disney-Capcom Music Pack 1 (Darkwing Duck and Adventures in the Magic Kingdom):


DOWNLOAD - See IX-Pack Thread

Version 2B is out now - MM7 Compatible!
-Blade Man's castle walls have been widened, balcony area added, plateaus reworked, Rush Jet removed, Item-1 added, and it now uses the official music.
-Christmas Cape's path to the Top Spin has been made slightly easier, Mirror Buster is easier to get, the shore area has been widened, slight level reworking
-Sky Deck's M-Tank is slightly easier to get, requiring only one crossing of the Guts Man platform.  E-Tank removed.
-Whomp's Fortress Remix's Top Spin replaced with Sakugarne and one Shadow Blade replaced with Fire Storm
-Sand Sea's temple section has been reworked, very slight changes outside
-In Under the Sea, the large ledge near Centaur Flash has been made larger, and the fan rooms have been made larger as well
-You now start on the wave bikes in the water in Sunset Canyon
-Frigid Ocean has ice platforms that have been made much larger, elevation changes in the White Flag area, White Flag platform is not icey, divider areas added to the entrances to the bases
-New maps added

There are two reasons why I made this pack:  1)  To update my old maps again and make them more well known with the newer MM8BDM community and  2) To silence that voice in my head saying "Hey, here's a crazy idea for a stage!"  To be honest, I think these maps range from bad *coughXDuel00cough* to awesome *coughChristmasCapecough* with most being in my "meh" range.  Then again, I played them over and over by myself, so that may influence my opinion.  Since I'm losing interest, a large update soon is unlikely.  However, smaller fixes may be done soon since those aren't too bad.  There's some stuff I'd like to fix, but I just have nothing left in the tank right now.

Now, here's some map descriptions, some directions, sand some stuff that I know will need some fixing/is broken but I can't fix yet.

(click to show/hide)Credits in the wad file along with a full version of the below descriptions.

WARNING WARNING - DO NOT USE WITH CLASSES.  THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE.  Now I suppose nobody will use this. :<  Curse you, Yellow Devil and Korby's team!  Wait a minute...
Classes are fine.  Add the maps first then the classes.  However, this causes ammo problems with Triple Blade, so deathmatch/team deathmatch is not recommended (or is recommended for all maps but the Triple Blade ones).
ALSO, DO NOT PUT IN SKINS.  YOU MUST USE THE ADD FILE OPTION TO USE THE PACK (For those joining servers using the pack and doomseeker, put the pack in the same folder as MM8BDM)



XDM01 - Blade Man
The original custom stage for Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch.  Slight layout changes here include changes to the plateaus in the back to allow for easier access, weapon location changes, and the inclusion of Triple Blade.
Music:  Blade Man
Boss Music:  MM10 Boss Music

XDM02 - Wily Space Fortress
My 2nd custom stage originally made during the SGC Demo days.  Slight layout changes include increased height in the upper area and the inclusion
of Triple Blade.
Music:  MM10 Wily Stage 5
Boss Music:  MM10 Wily Capsule

XDM03 - Christmas Cape
Originally released for the Holiday Pack.  Changes include a horizon effect (for OpenGL users only) and changed music (due to potential legality/morality issues)
Music:  Carol of the Bells
Boss Music:  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

XDM04 - Sky Deck
NEW FOR VERSION 1A!  Loosely based on the Sonic Adventure stage of the same name.  The upper section features a better playing field for regular fighting, while the lower, more dangerous section can provide an escape route from the chaos.  Just watch out for the Turbo Lasers!
Music:  Sky Deck A Go Go
Boss Music:  Crocodile Cacophony

XDM05 - Whomp's Fortress Remix
NEW FOR VERSION 1A!  A remake of Whomp's Fortress from my personal 2nd favorite game of all time, Super Mario 64.  A few changes to the layout had to be made to make it more deathmatch friendly.  Memories, ahoy!
Music:  Super Mario 64 Main Theme
Boss Music:  Koopa Road

XDM06 - Sand Sea
NEW FOR VERSION 1A!  A new stage based on...nothing!  Explore the site of an excavation of an ancient temple, but watch out for the quicksand pit!
Music:  Sandopolis Zone Act 1
Boss Music:  Crocodile Cacophony

XDM07 - Alpha Sector
NEW FOR VERSION 1A!  A new stage based on a stage I was working on before Blade Man's stage.  The stage includes items only found in the SGC Demo (NOT THE ORIGINAL VERSIONS OF THESE WEAPONS, THOUGH).
Music:  To The End (original song)
Boss Music:  War

XDM08 - Under the Sea
NEW FOR VERSION 1A!  Get it?  Because you're literally under the sea!  Anyhoo, explore a strange pocket of air beneath the ocean waves.
Music:  Path to Truth
Boss Music:  War

XDM09 - Waterfall Grotto
NEW FOR VERSION 2A!  Battle to the death in this tropical paradise full of caves, cliffs, and a jungle!
Music:  Esperanto
Boss Music:  Koopa Road


XDUEL00 - X Satellite
NEW FOR VERSION 1A!  Mr. X realized he could cut tremendous costs on broadcasting his Robot Master Tournament by having the battles take place on the very same satellite broadcasting it to the entire world.  Now he can just use the on board security cameras to film the thing.  So long, lazy cameramen! I'm not going to lie:  I don't like this map at all.  I mean, most of these maps on here are just "meh" to me, but I really don't like this one.  However, I find that
people have different tastes than I and I also have never not released a map.  Therefore, I'm releasing it anyways!  Also, note that while this is meant for duels, you can in fact play it in deathmatch.  Only recommended for the lulz, though.
Music:  Star Man
Boss Music:  MM10 Wily Machine

XDUEL01 - Color Coded Castle
NEW FOR VERSION 1A!  Hey, what's the big idea?  It's just a big flat box of a room!  Of all of the...wait, what's that sound?
Music:  Knight Man
Boss Music:  MM6 Boss


XCTF01 - Frigid Ocean
NEW FOR VERSION 1A!  Wily and Light have built opposing bases on opposite sides of a frosty bay.  They've blockaded each other with their own ships.
This fight is so heated, even the local animal bots have picked sides!
Music:  Frigid Ocean (original song)

XCTF02 - Molten Mountain
NEW FOR VERSION 2A!  Things heat up in this volcano battle!  Watch out for lava, fire traps, and the flame reactor meltdowns!
Music:  Molten Mountain (original song)


RACE01 - Sunset Canyon
You know all of those racing mods that get started an never finish?  Blame this map!  The original racing map features a long and winding river through a wild
canyon.  Watch out for rock slides and earthquakes, and don't forget about the shortcuts.  PLEASE PLAY THIS MAP IN LAST MAN STANDING
Music:  Farewell to Ballade

RACE02 - N64 Rainbow Road
NEW FOR VERSION 2A!  Race along this remixed version of the classic Mario Kart 64 map!  PLEASE PLAY THIS MAP IN LAST MAN STANDING.
I have no solution at this time, but will be looking for a way around it.  Until then, sorry for the ugly stage
Music:  Rainbow


-Under the Sea's easter egg:  I'm not in a map making or music making mood, so I didn't have the energy to rewrite the obvious easter egg song.  Sorry.
-Adding some atmosphere to Under the Sea (sea weed, fish, etc)
-Changing some of the steps in Alpha Sector to ladders.
-Volume adjustment.
-More maps and in particular, CTF maps
-Maybe a 4 way CTF map
-More "other" maps.  I did have a few strange ideas...
-Other fun stuff.
And some screenshots...

(click to show/hide)

Note:  Above level is not that trippy

(click to show/hide)

I'm working on creating Blade Man's stage.  Here's all I've got on it so far.  I'll be adding more rooms inside the castle and fixing the outside to be...well, better.

I've got a few questions still:  how do I make a skybox, and how do I make a pitfall?  The pitfall right now is set on Hellslime damage just so people who fall down there die.

Looks cool, but don't forget to have some windows.
I also highly suggest getting someone to code Blade Man's weapon and putting it in there.

Blaze Yeager:

I Call Strike Man then!


Nice! You're picking up the 8-bit rule (fixed 32 height blocks) fast, not to mention doom mapping in general  :cool:


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