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Problem: Making a server


I have everything set up, but I try and run it, and it says I need doom. I didn't want to pay $10, so I went to freedoom, got the correct file, tried to extract doom2.wad, and it took me to that internet page that says "This file type is unknown". I just want to make a private server for a different site. Please help. YES, Im sure I got everything set up right. Also, is it because I had a different doom file which wasn't the right one? Thanks.

You don't need freedoom or doom. If you're running from the mm8bdm launcher it should pick up megagame as the iwad

So, I just make a server with the name Megagame.wad? Ok...

megagame needs to be the IWAD, if you're using a different launcher you should be able to set it


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