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Damage display update! As I've been receiving requests lately
Overall, this update improves visuals, and make damage display more convenient to use  :mrgreen:

Check out the first post for a general presentation of the mod as of v2c/and download link

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> Players can choose their own preferences instead of the server host : check out "damage display preferences" at the bottom of MM8BDM's options menu

> Pop-up values can go over 100, and their display is more readable for rapid, multi-hitting attacks (rippers, gravity hold, spread drill...)

> Values can be shown as flat or percentage. Flat is the unaltered value, while percentage is the health value relative to maximum health (a number between 0 and 100 ; and it is the way previous damage display versions showed values)

> General visual improvements for every data display c:

> Players can't see their own pop-ups or health (which used to sometimes obstruct their view)
> Damage count/score doesn't reset between rounds in LMS/TLMS
> Window to get a hit in before the combo counter resets lowered from ~1.5 to 1 second
> Current/maximum health on screen removed, because it already exists in MM8BDM (Options ==> "display health number")
> Damage per second is removed because it's not that helpful

> Removed the unnecessary healing particles on HP recover

> Fixed a glitch with bots' health display

Waoh... Yo That's Really Good.


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