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DRSG Rebirth vB.1 (Official Release) 11/15/2014

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Duora Super Gyro:

Beta Version 1:

The Maps
The Map Pack has 22 Maps including some that were somewhat just updated, some that were overhauled, and there are some new ones as well. The maps are as follow:

DRSG01: Asteroid Assault
DRSG02: Burning Fields
DRSG03: Chill Hill
DRSG04: Generator Room
DRSG05: Frosty Fire Ruins
DRSG06: Icicle Palace
DRSG07: Sand Slide
DRSG08: Nature's Best
DRSG09: Sandstone Arena
DRSG10: Shiver Peak
DRSG11: Title City
DRSG12: Cliff Side
DRSG13: Flakes Neo City
DRSG14: Great Canyon
DRSG15: Hidden Lands
DRSG16: Star Crater
DRSG17: The Underground
DRSG18: Dark Matter
DRSG19: Grid City
DRSG20: Septic Tank
DRSG21: Jungle Trouble
DRSG22: Clockwork Cavern

Screen Shots
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Download Coming Soon.

Old Version

======Master Pack======
DRSG Master Pack
DRSG_MPX_v1.1 Download Link

======Capture the Flag======
DRSG Capture The Flag Pack
DRSG CTF Pack Download

=====Special Thanks=====
(click to show/hide)Gummy Wormz: Music
Hilman: Death Script
Kitt Katt: Layouts
Asd967: CTF Script
Hinatediz: Finding Music
Mendez: Uploading
Knux: Testing
*Note* If I missed someone, please let me know and sorry.
======Other Stuff======
I would like to point out that this time around, I wasn't as focused on making the maps look pretty like last time, at least not with all the maps. As such, some maps do seem a bit bland compared to others, like Sand Stone Arena and Nature's Best compared to Star Crater and Dark Matter. Some of the maps were kind of experiments such as Burning Fields and The Underground, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon's maze like structures probably aren't the best source of inspiration for death match maps. Overall, I feel like I have done much better with the maps this time around.
On an unrelated note, while searching through my Mediafire account, I ran into the SSP_DRSG Pack, which is the very first version of this pack, back when the music wasn't 8-bit, and I had just stopped using only large health and ammo, I'm thinking of giving the link for those curious as to what my maps originally looked like, and also because I plan to bring some maps back from that pack.

Pictures would only take about an hour tops to take all of'em. To reduce messiness on the first post, ya could put all of them on another post. I highly recommend ya get yar screens ASAP.

Alright a couple things I noticed right away, on Termination in the deadly oil pit, there is a weapon ammo capsule in the pit, guessing its supposed to be on the edge that its right next to, and in the Celestial Lake if you turn around right at the beginning, there is a hall of mirrors (found in open gl and software)
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--- Quote from: "Duora Super Gyro" ---Other Things:
DRSG Gun Game
(click to show/hide)Coming Soon
*Note* This is just an edit of xColdxFusionx's game.
--- End quote ---


I hate to be that guy, but what, exactly, are you planning on doing with this?
And why have I not bee informed?

!! :shock: By the gods of Skyrim, the best pack of MM8BDM :shock: !!


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