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Mr. Date:
So to make it short: was about to start GvH Yurei Battle and i was unable to start Skulltag because "Jitterskullattack not found in Jitterskullattack2 and Creeperball not found in Creeperball2. any help? i downloaded this file the third time now and it doesn't change

Sounds like missing files or having put them in the incorrect order. In order for GVH mods or adaptations to work (like Santa or Yurei Battle) they have to all be there and be placed in correct order, in this case: GVHV3b5.pk3, GVHv3b4-Yurei-Battle.pk3 and optionally the santa file as well, from up to down.

If you're using some kind of program to select the wads and start it up just rearrange or add the missing wad files, if you're dragging wads onto Skulltag.exe, put them next to eachother, and drag them both at the same time onto Skulltag.exe with the GVHv3b5.pk3 being on top.

I pretty much tend to use this setup all the time:
gvhv3b5.pk3(main file, all you need to play regular GVH)
gvhv3b4-santa(optional, though not supported).
gvhv3b4-yurei-battle.pk3(Yurei Battle, of course)

Oh, there's a built-in hard mode too, if you (re)start the map/round/server with compat_limitpain true. As the name says its pretty hard, i recomment atleast 5 lives for it, great fun with friends, hehe... (And if you're hosting this on multiplayer, on normal, i recommend 3 lives, as it gets harder with multiple players.)

Mr. Date:
In fact i would enjoy to have a Server for only Yurei Battle itself to play on. i searched for a Server having the File, none found. No doubt, some peoples are pretty afraid of Yurei + Ghouls' Forest in General. you guys did good work there, it's hard to scare peoples in a 2D Game that much. Pewdiepie even started to slightly Cry.

However i checked all of it, and for some odd Reason i downloaded the old Version of this 3 Times in a Row, it was from Cutstuff so yeah, Google linked me to some Random Old Links from Cutstuff. i guess the Problem is solved if i am not wrong. gotta check this one first.

Mr. Date:
Double Post. Oh well, it still isn't working. haven't expected that to happen but gotta check out some more Help

Edit: i now understand it. Yurei Battle as Above the GVH Data itself. but well, my Wads go in order of alphabeth and land in the skin folder because i have no program like the MM8BDM Launcher to add the Files Single.

Ah, im guessing you figured it out by now? It might help to copy the files and put them in the correct order in a new map, and just drag them onto Skulltag.exe from there. Should work as long as the main file is left/above(depends on layout, lists, icons, you know) of the extra files.

Programs like IDE(Internet Doom Explorer) or DoomSeeker (which i believe comes with MM8BDM) should allow you to setup singleplayer stuff as well; in DoomSeeker, there's the Play Offline button close to the Start Server button when opening the Create Server window, works the same as making a server but you'll end up playing offline instead.

With IDE there's a specific Single Play tab for it which should be fairly managable as well.
The hard mode flag is found among the compat flags when making a server/game and is described as roughly "limits Pain Elementals to 20 souls", in the case of IDE put the compat_limitpain true command at the 'custom/additional parameters' area.

Oh and be sure to host GVH only with the Doom 2 (doom2.wad) iwad/game, i doubt it function at all on MM8BDM.
Edit - Links, if you need any:
DoomSeeker: ... rc.tar.bz2


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