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Laggy Blazko:
I think you can join servers if you get Freedoom. But It still would look better with Doom II.

It's only $5 on steam. Is $5 really that much?

Hm, while 5 dollars/euro's isnt that much i suppose some people do have trouble paying online, as not everyone has a credit card and aside from that the only other decent way i know of is via bank or via a service that can be paid via one's bank account.

Perhaps if you own steam you could trade items for that, or arrange other kinds of deals, or just have a good friend get you the game.
And if you can pay stuff via bank things like iDeal (no clue if its available outside Europe) i found buying those voucher thingies quite handy, which are basically digital Visa cards to be used like an regular Visa credit card but have whatever charge you put on it, basically an expendable gift card of sorts:
Though it only works in either Spain, UK Canada and (the) Netherlands, i believe. Also makes me wonder if they accept any other usefull payment methods, though i do know they take payments from various banks.

And i can only imagine how ugly Doomguy might look in FreeDoom, would look so completely out of synch with the custom marine sprites GVH has incoporated.

Colonel ServBot:

--- Quote from: "Ivory" ---It's only $5 on steam. Is $5 really that much?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: "Colonel ServBot" ---I don't quite have a credit card, that's why. If I did though, I'd buy the doom everything.
--- End quote ---

Oh derp it was all a trick, too bad!


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