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Double Gear Rumble is now released. This public test version should give you a taste of how the Double Gear System would function.
DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Re: Uki's Weaponry (Make a Class Simulator v1a)
« Last post by Ukiyama on May 15, 2022, 12:25:17 AM »
Hello... Is anyone here?.... Well if someone is listening... Heres a new mod! This mod is called Make a Class Simulator! Or MACS for short. Whats MACS? Read below to learn about it!

"Whats is MACS?" - The mod basically came around when CSCC was dead for years before they started updating again, and I was always wondering what could happen if I expanded the Uki Class even further beyond what the class design could have ever dreamed.

"What can I do with Make A Class?" - Well the premise is pretty simple, when you load the mod up and start,  you will have a new menu conveniently named Make-A-Class. Within that Menu lies a huge amount of options that allow you to tweak yourself around in various ways, effectively making a "class" while still technically only being the base class.

"What can I change with the Make A Class?" - Well for starters the initial screen has a few options to tweak right off the bat, with your health, movement speed, and jump height. Then you might notice the mainfire and altfire menu. Enter either menu and suddenly you will have a selection of options that can alter the way the weapon can function allowing for all sorts of crazy things.

"So I just adjust the menu options and it works?" - Yes! I am only one person so I might have missed a combo or two but in general if you say select a "rapid velocity shot that crawls on the floor as a ripper, with 150 health, 2 speed, 12 jump", when you hop into a round, thats what you would have.

"Uki, how is the damage concerned, that sounds like it would be busted balance wise!" - Well your not wrong, BUT the damage is calculated through a script for every shot from every player based on what options have been selected, or how you altered your stats! So you can have all the good stuff... but your damage output will suffer immensely for it (not saying that a combo or two probably still shreds harder than anticipated)

"Uki, your mods broke, I am doing -0 damage 0/10 no good" - The key component of the mod is allowing you to gain stats based on what you have attached or what your base stats are, the general rule of thumb is if it feels negative like a stat decrease or just flat nothing, you do more, if you have more of a stat or positive effects like having your shot bounce, you lose power instead."

"What is the altfire capable of?" - When you entire the altfire menu the first option allows you to select a choice of what you might want, there is currently 5 options, flight boost sends you up, dash boost sends you straight ahead, energy absorber which can provide a shield that when struck, can give a bit of energy back, and if you couldn't have guessed, the forth option provides the opportunity to create a whole second shot to play around with! But just as a warning the ammo is cut in half for the altfire so its not a complete second ammo bar! Also if you really want a small power boost, you can give up the altfire for a small damage boost on the mainfire like if you select nothing on any of the main shot categories.

"Ok but why do the bots I am playing against have random colors for them and their shots?" - In the first menu you go into you may have noticed a cosmetic menu. In this menu you can set up both the projectiles colors and even your own colors that will be used when your playing your custom creation! You can also change the sound of the gun being fired to a assortment of sounds from the base game, allowing for even more custom goodness.

"Why do I have headache looking at this menu" - It can be pretty daunting looking at it but after a little while, you will see how simple it really is. And the best advice I can give is if it feels like a negative thing, the damage goes up, if its a positive thing, it goes down. Try to keep yourself balanced and you will be alright.

"Uki this all sounds crazily broken!" - Your probably right! But the mod has always been built with the idea that it would be chaotic anyway so I think it will be alright. I mean you can't balance everything and I am sure there is a few bugs with how I had coded things. But its chaotic fun for all for sure!

As a extra note of caution though, since I have never really tested this online besides basics, the bandwith this mod could probably output is probably absurd do to the color scripts and all the wacky effects the projectile itself can do so I would expect lag spikes and the sort to occur, but you do you!

Now that the Q&A is over that was questions that imaginary people asked me 100%, go try the mod and take it.... to the MACS!
MM8BDM Discussion / Re: A Idea For MM8BDM V7?
« Last post by Allanx on May 12, 2022, 12:23:58 PM »
The whole thing with zero seems like a stretch tbh
MM8BDM Discussion / Re: A Idea For MM8BDM V7?
« Last post by NES Boy on May 12, 2022, 05:40:03 AM »
I doubt the MM8BDM dev team would use Zero as a prelude to the battle against Dr. Wily. In fact, I doubt Zero would be used at all.
MM8BDM Discussion / A Idea For MM8BDM V7?
« Last post by ikhwanman487 on May 09, 2022, 01:53:50 PM »
Well Guys, Did You Have Any Ideas For MM11 Chapter Bosses in MM8BDM V7?, I Have A Idea!, How About Instead of Facing Only 1 Phase Final Boss in MM11 Chapters on MM8BDM V7, We're (Player of MM8BDM) Will Facing 3 Phases Final Bosses In MM11 Chapters, First Is Zero From Mega Man X Series in MM11 Chapters of MM8BDM V7, Then Dr. Wily As Final Boss Phase 2 & 3 With Wily Machine 11 and Wily Capsule 11, How It Will Sounds Looks Like, Isn't It A Great Idea or Not?

And Here's Zero's Boss Theme (Credits Goes To PublicCrown23 For His X Vs Zero 8-Bit Theme)
Skins & Bots etc / Re: Cartoon Network Characters as MM8BDM Skins.
« Last post by hansungkee on May 07, 2022, 01:56:11 AM »
Nika Kangaroo From My Gym Partner's a Monkey (2005~2008) (by Tim Cahill and Julie McNally Cahill)

Sprites by Ruby-The-Snivy
Pk.3 by Dramymon
Download Link by ForstBlue
Skins & Bots etc / Re: Cartoon Network Characters as MM8BDM Skins.
« Last post by hansungkee on May 07, 2022, 01:16:30 AM »

Radicles X

Sprites by hansungkee
Pk.3 by Trigonomancer
Download Link by Frostblue

Enid Mettle

Sprites by hansungkee
Pk.3 by Trigonomancer
Download Link by Frostblue
Bugs/Suggestions / Re: [Sprites] MM&B Skin Improvements - Part 1: Ground Man
« Last post by hansungkee on April 26, 2022, 01:27:56 PM »
Improvements for MM8BDM V6b? :cool: That's Cool.
Bugs/Suggestions / Re: [Sprites] MM&B Skin Improvements - Part 1: Ground Man
« Last post by Pegg on April 25, 2022, 05:50:25 PM »
Hi again, just a small update:

After some feedback from some folks on Discord, I made the head slightly larger. Thanks to _Sidle in specific for bringing it up, I think it does look a little better at the end of the day (although I will miss my more accurate proportions... just a little).

The main image post won't be updated because i am lazy this post is immediately below it. I also think it's good to keep the progression visible, even if it's minor changes.

If nothing comes up in the next few days I'll get onto finishing the full skin.
Thanks again for the feedback!
Bugs/Suggestions / [Sprites] MM&B Skin Improvements - Part 1: Ground Man
« Last post by Pegg on April 24, 2022, 11:40:56 PM »

Getting straight to it, Ground Man skin replacement.

I think, as of right now, Ground Man's skin is one of the most outdated skins in the game. The original skin, while serviceable, now looks out of place next to the numerous other higher quality sprites and skins in the game. As such, I wanted to give it a small touch-up.

However, I wanted to gauge public interest before I went any further with it. Fully re-spriting a skin is a pretty big thing; after seeing some reactions to the new Sword Man, I felt it should be the standard to be transparent and show off these kinds of major graphical overhauls before moving forward with them. I'll be doing this again at a later date with another MM&B skin as well (hence the thread title).

That about covers everything I wanted to say- all feedback is appreciated!
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