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MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8BDM V6 - Development begins!
« on: July 02, 2020, 06:12:57 PM »

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: How do i get more bots? Please...
« on: May 21, 2020, 05:45:21 PM »
Plus, i need them to be in one team.
I got it... To get more bots go to console and put in addbot [insert botname]
For the bot to go on a certain team after typing in addbot [insert botname], type the team name you want that bot to go on
team names are (and make sure to put these in quotation marks: "dr. light team", "dr. wily team", "dr. cossack team" and "king team"
also for the bots sniper joe, the genesis unit members, and dr. wily put quotation marks in their names too otherwise it won't work as it will only look at the first word of their name
let me know if this worked :mrgreen:

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8bdm Player Profiles
« on: May 04, 2020, 06:59:12 PM »
In Game Name: Jedimaster76 EDIT: Updated for v6!
Fav Game Mode(s): Deathmatch, CTF, LMS/TLMS
Fav Weps: MM1: Hyper Bomb, MM2: Quick Boomerang, MM3: Top Spin, MM4: Pharaoh Shot, MM5: Napalm Bomb, MM6: Blizzard Attack, MM7: Noise Crush, MM8: Flash Bomb, MMB: Wave Burner, MM9: Black Hole Bomb, MM10: Thunder Wool, MMV: Electric Shock
Preferred Skin: Jupiter
Fav Stages: MM1: Fire Man, MM2: Flash Man, MM3: Snake Man, MM4: Toad Man, MM5: Gravity Man, MM6: Knight Man, MM7: Slash Man, MM8: Frost Man, MMB: Reclaimed King's Tower, MMWT: Hyper Storm H, MM9: Tornado Man, MM10: Solar Man, MMV: Wily Star
Favorite Classes: Main: Jupiter & Galaxy Man, Other: Grenade Man
Greatest Rival: Don't really have one. Be nice with me and I'll be nice with you  :)
Reputation: IDK (I'm just a normal dude I guess...? :cool:)
Anything else?: Fav Music: Evil Robot Battle (normal) & Thy World Consumed
May the Force be with you...

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8BDM V6 - Development begins!
« on: May 04, 2020, 06:32:55 PM »
Just checking here but how's the process of V6 coming along, I am slightly worried just because Doc Freeman has not posted anything about stages on here since like March... :confused:

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