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The war between ghouls and humans ended up being a very bloody set of conflicts. Many humans died protecting their home from the sinister ghouls. They called in the Ghost Buster, but not even that was enough when Choke entered the scene. So the Humans needed some back up. They called in a unit from space who has a long history of getting things done. The Terran Firebat. Fire it up!

The Terran Firebat

The Firebat is slow, a bit slower then a cyborg. He also stomps about making himself a noticeable target and the sound of the pilot light means he cannot hide from the ghouls. However, he wears heavy armor that allows him take more hits then other humans. He can survive attacks that should ohko other humans (with the sole exception of the creeper). This is to make up for lack of speed and how of a target he is while using his weapon (to be explained next paragraph.)

The Firebat comes armed with dual flamethrowers to fry some ghouls. These powerful burners can take out even a Jitterskull before it can get close enough to do any damage. However it comes with its own brand of problem. While in use, the flamethrower obstructs the Firebats view. Making is easy to loose sight on where the ghouls are. It is loud and bright, the Creeper can easily sneak up on a Firebat, and being bright flames, other Ghouls can easily see where the Firebat is fighting. To avoid harming himself, the Firebat is forced to move even slower. If things are becoming too tight however, the Firebat has another trick up his flamethrowers, by moving his arms backwards, hes capable of using the flames to accelerate movement, moving faster then even a Hunter or Choke. He can even charge through the air. However while using this flame acceleration, changing directions is very difficult, so the Firebat has to let go of the alt fire to change directions. Using this method to get to higher elevations and escape the ghouls when they get too close. Offensive wise, this ability does minimal damage, and can push ghouls out of the way.
Once the Firebat runs out of fuel for his flamethrower however, he looses the ability to use the flame acceleration, the flamethrower becomes slower, looses a bit of range and is weaker as well as attack in bursts of flame (much like how the Firebat attacks in Star Craft)

Theoretical Counter-Measures
Sjas: Alt Fire is a gamble. While you can burn a Firebat to death on his own flame, a smart Firebat will wait you out, and start burning you again as you head to vulnerability. For attacking, just get around and scream.
Jitterskull: May be difficult, but ambushes are probably your best bet. If that Firebat is sitting in a corner, it may be a bit harder.
Creeper: Your small, fragile and will die fast to the flames. Keep in mind the Flamethrower is almost certain to obstruct the Firebats view and is noisy enough to shadow the creeper. Trigger happy Firebats will have troubles dealing with creepers.
Choke: The Firebat lacks the ability to use long ranged attacks, blood balls could work here. Else wise, for the safest bet, just make hit and run attack, unless your positive you can kill the Firebat. Just remember, the Flamethrower can make short work of you and you are the most vulnerable ghoul. for being hit by that.
Frost Bite: Unknown.
In all cases: a Firebat without fuel is easier to kill and less threatening, just be sure not to get too cocky. Just be sure to remember, the Firebat has armor that allows him to take some extra hits, so unless your a creeper, or maybe the blood ball, normal OHKO tactics may not be as advisable. Last but not least, don't forget, the Firebat can also be one of the fastest classes due to his alt fire. However he can only move in a straight path and has to stop to make a turn. It can also allow him to fly through the air in a straight path, depending on the direction hes facing.

This class would allow humans to have a class that can take more hits then any other human class. He can handle himself against waves of incoming ghouls, and has the ability to also get out of there if things get too tough. However the flamethrower itself is also a disadvantage as its noisy, bright and obstructs view.

...Is something burning?

oooh, niceee.
Now to bring some starcraft in this mod.
What can be on the ghoul side? A zergling?
Pic of Zergling

They are fast, they can do damage but they have low health and 2 can spawn from the 1 egg.
Also from of a great SC mod called Ultimate Doom, zerglings can jump at the enemy and also spit some kind of acid, but it really short ranged.

By looking at the pic, the zergling has insect like wings, that I believe that they can make them more agile while running. They also have 3 spikes off each arm thingy which they look like they can drag the enemy closer while the sharp ling claws and teeth can rip them apart. But they may have to take an amount of attacks to peirce the SC Marine's Armor. Also another defence they have is the sharp spike on the tip of its tail.

Well, I maded some sprites from a "ghoul" it is an urban legend, it is... THE TAILS DOLL ... oul_3.html

There are his sprites and sounds, they are maded to be something like a sjasface, i couldn't edit some sounds, but well, i tried to edit them, it doesn't work, I can make his sprites as a yurei type ghoul too.

If you want some info about him, search on wikipedia

Major Cooke:
What is it's name?

The Shadow Nightslayer.
What is it's story?

Not too long after the downfall of Yurei in the forest, assuming that she needed a new set of hands besides Choke, the Yurei summoned a resisting ghoul from a deserted land where nothing but devastation and nuclear decay remain. Two human factions had once been fighting there, but since the influence of the Yurei drove them insane, they launched an all-out technology war on each other, finally nuking themselves to nothing. These two countries were in a dire state.

A few knew the truth about the conflict and how it was really started. Jacob "Nightslayer" Kristo was none-to-happy that the countries decided to fall sway to a false idol god such as the Yurei... He sought to end it before it was too late, but unfortunately it had happened. Seeing now that his people were left for dead, dying and mindless killing of each other, he was consumed with sorrow and decided to seek out the Yurei if it meant to end his sorrow, and replace it with something else.

The Yurei appeared in his dream one night, showing her family murdered, just like his was destroyed. She blamed the humans and persuaded him to join her, and is the first living human to betray his fellow humans. He was placed in line with a bunch of other ghouls who wanted to be recruited in the ranks. He transformed into a dark shadowy cloud that floated, giving off a shadow-purple smoke wherever he went, and could hide his body parts or bring them back out whenever he felt like it.

He was also given the Shadow-Word sword, with which he can cast magical bolts of the elements to strike his foes down with. He has two floating un-attached hands which he can re-attach with limbs when he feels like it. He has red eyes with silver irises that change color depending on mood.

While doing minor missions to attempt to gain the Yurei's attention, while not exactly killing any humans yet, was striking fear into their hearts, turning the atmosphere of nearby towns gloomy with a sort of impending doom sensation. However, he learned that his family was not killed and were in fact alive in the location which he thought was destroyed by a nuclear blast. They had survived by taking shelter in a large concrete bunker, which many others had taken to hiding into. Realizing that the Yurei had tricked him, followed by a feeling of pride and anger towards being such a fool, he immediately sought to make himself notorious to the ghouls by slicing and dicing them, preying on the weaker.

He finally got the attention he wanted when the Creeper caught him strangling a few ghouls, sucking the life out of them with a syphoning pierce of his sword, draining their unholy energies to bolster his own and effectively causing them to burst into flame, screaming with pain. Seeing the Creeper sneaking up on him, he knew full well how to deal with him, and sliced him in half with a Wind Shear attack. He cackled maddeningly as he defeated the Creeper for the first time in his entire life, a rather high-ranking ghoul. Nearby, a hunter and a marine watched as the ghoul traitor showed how powerful he was, and how he had broken free of the evil that threatened to tear the world asunder.

Nightslayer approached the humans and knelt before them, forming arms and legs to show that he was on their side and still part-human. While they didn't attack, they sure had a hard time learning to trust him. Other retaliatory souls of vengeance came to him, pledging their allegiance to help him fight off the ghouls and to help protect the rest of the fragile humans, swearing to lay Hell down on top of them with his own powers... Which hadn't even waned after he returned to the human's side. He fights ghouls, attempting to convert them back to their former human selves or kill them, doing what they can to get rid of the unholy menace.
What does it look like?

Nightslayer looks like a thick black/shadow-purple soft fiery fog, and generally is just a floating head with long hairs of flowing smoke that leave slowly fading entrails behind them. He wields a sword in his right hand which can transform into other weapons of choice, such as a club, mace, or flange. His hands are disembodied, allowing him to be flexible, though he can reform into a human upon will, but he retains the shadow colors. His eyes are red with white irises which can change color on mood. He has no visible mouth or nose, but if seen from the side, an outline of a full human face will be shown. He's usually looking rather disgruntled, messy, and mistakenly tired.
How does it play? (physics, abilities)

They usually float above the ground, and can fly quickly for a small time before slowly falling to the ground slowly. Their subjection to only 1/4 gravity when falling is especially useful for avoiding Jitterskulls and Creepers, but if caught at the right height, can be easy prey for them as they can't move while slowly descending. When he flies, he can move at a superior speed for a short moment. They can't move very fast on ground though, and water bogs them down almost making them act like stuck pigs. They can also see everything, even Creepers as if the room had sun shining in them. In return, their attacks are much slower and speed is reduced, but the movement of their swords is not something to underestimate. He can also regenerate health and mana at a slower rate than the cyborg, but doesn't need to hold still to do so.
What are it's weapons?

Nightslayer has a few weapons with different abilities:

-Shadow-Word Katana - This is the spellblade that is capable of throwing magical attacks. Nightslayer has unlimited magical powers, but he has to recharge them. The sword is large and heavy, resulting in slow swinging, yet can one-shot any ghoul if timed precisely. When he swings, he darts forward, knocking things back and cutting them up severely. Secondary switches modes of attack instantly. The Katana can also be used to mitigate damage, but if it absorbs too much, it can stun him for a good amount of time until hurt or the stun expires.

-Mace: A fast-swinging low-damaging weapon, this can reach the farthest and be thrown to deal enormous damage if it hits at the right angle of the weapon on impact. Good for battering Sjas while being able to keep some distance, but the further you are, the less damage you do. If thrown, you must retrieve the weapon in order to change it or use any other, as it is the morphed sword that you just threw.

-Hammer: Instant-striking weapon that deals a good amount of damage at striking range. Can be slammed into the ground and cause a shockwave, blasting enemies back, but makes the weapon take longer to reset since it must reform.

-Flange: This weapon is a ranged melee weapon that hits for small-medium damage with melee, but careful aiming allows Nightslayer to disperse the spikes in multiple ways: Radial, or Distance.

Radial is a defensive spray that casts spikes in all directions, and releases a cloud of dark smog, damaging all in it, allowing the Nightslayer to flee and confuse his enemies. Distance spiking causes all the spikes on the mace to aim upward, allowing him to kill targets via sniping. It takes a bit to reload with either attack.
Why does it belong on GVH?

I feel that one thing the humans are missing, is a cross between a tank, a sniper, a scout, and a partially flying class. Each weapon modifies his abilities, damage given/received, and speed. He's not too complex either, and I feel he would fill in the gaps that would make him an even counterpart to Jitterskull. Plus, seeing a ghoul who rebels and attacks other ghouls is something worth considering, and adds an interesting retrospective since some class-based games have a form of defector class. He's not related to any games at all, and I made him up on the spot.
I'll provide images of him soon enough, when I get around to making them. Shouldn't take longer than a day to make a front/side shot of him in photoshop, so hold tight.


Story:Batman confronted a ghoul(most likely jitterskull) in gotham city,knowing the ghoul was a ghost,batman killed the ghoul and took a sample of it's skull.He tested the skull to see where or when the skull existed,batman traced it's orgin to the forest,met up with other human characters,blah,blah,blah(still working on the story)

Weapons And Abilities:
Batarang:can throw batarangs at ghoul from 1 to 5 at the same time

Graple Gun:allows batman to swing through the air dodging ghouls and mostly the creeper

Smoke Bombs:mostly an attack againest the creeper

Batman's cape could have a gliding ability

thats all i can come up with for him right now


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