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Author Topic: CF Dumps His Fangame Ideas  (Read 1414 times)

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March 11, 2011, 11:32:34 PM
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CF Dumps His Fangame Ideas
« on: March 11, 2011, 11:32:34 PM »
Why?  Because everyone's doing it.  Note that none of these will probably ever become reality, as I have little experience programming and none at all with the Mega Man Engine.  Just kind of tossing them out there.


Plot:  Remember that totally flop game that Konami made called Elebits?  One of my first Wii games, good timekiller.  This concept would basically be a crossover between Elebits and Mega Man:  All other forms of power stop working, and people are forced to incorporate hunting for Elebits into their energy-fueled daily schedule.  I've decided that I'd want Elec-Man to become the main antagonist--generally sour and frustrated about how his once-amazing fusion-powered Thunder Beam has left him--but I have no idea how I'd pull it off.

Robot Masters:  Pretty much undecided at this point, as I'm still working on how the 8 Masters concept will be implemented.  Will Elec-Man build the Elebit-torturing machines himself, or will he assemble the masses or other frustrated Masters, like Solar-Man?

Other Important Points:  Because of the Elebits being needed to power Mega Man (Previously run off of solar power, if ya didn't know) , the levels would be long and rambly, and one would have to search for Elebits--using a new weapon, Elebits' own Capture Gun--to keep an energy bar sustained, representing Mega Man's current battery charge.


Plot:  This is really all I have on this one--it also involves a theorized death for Mega Man (Inquire within, because I, for one, think I'd be bashed) .  Set in X/Zero time, some natural effect--originally envisioned to be a lightning strike--gives Mega Man enough of a shock to be brought out of Shut-Down, a lack-of-power-induced, coma-like state (I really like hyphens) .  Upon *Somehow* finding X, they would--obviously to prevent every X fan from being at my neck with a Z-Saber--team up and attempt to work together.

Robot Masters:  No clue.  I need to brush up on X/Zero lore.

Other Important Points:  Due to Mega Man being such an old model, many of the weapons he receives would be attached to him--not directly programmed in.


Plot:  I'm still kind of shaky on this one.  A new robot-producing company pops up in the city where Mega and company live--which I still cannot believe is unnamed.  Upon having an upgrade--bought by Mega Man--incinerated by an angry Dr. Light, claiming "that he could make anything those money-stealing companies can," the owner--yes, a cameo of myself, or at least an alias--decides to have a friendly business competition:  he takes eight of his models, outfits them for combat, and challenges the entire Light family.  Needless to say, Mega Man's on it.

Robot Masters:  These are the ones I've actually theorized for fun.  Let's see if I can name them all.
* These were made up on the spot, just so I could have 8, and are completely subject to change.
** I cannot take full credit for these.  My friends helped me theorize them.

Other Important Points:  None as of yet--other than this is the one I think about the most.


Plot:  Basically just an alternate Mega Man universe, based on wizards in the medieval times.  Same junk, different context.

Robot Masters:  As if the name didn't shout it loudly enough, the Robot Masters--to be referred to as Spell Masters--will be based off of the 8 basic, "Battleon" elements.  I will be using Greek roots to help name them.  Pyro-Man, Necro-Man, Hydro-Man, Aero-Man, Cryo-Man, etc.

Other Important Points:  Just came up with this one today, so it probably pales in comparison to the others.

Aaand that's about it.  Now all I have to do is hope someone actually cares.