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Magical Architecture Playhouse
Zombie Crowbar 3000
Psycho Ninja Crusade (That does legitimately sound exciting)
Heavy Metal Yoga Legend (Dhalsim's been listening to Metallica huh?)
Donkey Kong's Booty Spectacular (;))
Haunted Nazi Invaders (Call of Duty?)
Drunken Lego Baseball

Is this alive again? Alright...

Shameful Toon Starring Mickey Mouse (Looney Tunes is better anyways)
Yoshi's Mushroom Slaughter
It's a Mad, Mad Helicopter Melee
Haunted Cardboard 64 (The game is nothing but the spooky box!)
Peaceful Elevator 2K
Fisher Price Ice Cream Conspiracy
Chillin' Buddhist Boxing (I'm pretty sure this contradicts itself)
The Secret Weapon of the Hair Salon For Kids

I think some of these would be extra funny if someone drew them. Any takers?

(Also while mashing random I feel like the generator likes the words "Spelunker" and "Alligator" a lot)

Ultimate STD in the Salad Kingdom
Islamic Mech Paintbrawl
Violent Plumber Factory
Latino Plumber Heroes
Renegade Dwarf - The Lost Levels
Duke Nukem: Zombie 1942
Final Business Armageddon

Eco-Friendly Gun Crime Scene Investigation
"Sorry, it appears to be ok, it was a recycled gun."

Christian Music Dance Mix
Use your imagination

Ultra Computer Overlords
"If they were so smart, why didn't they buy water repellent?"

Tony Hawk's Gnome Espionage

"G'no signs of the darn skater g'theif"

Virtua Casino Babies

In Search of Pachinko Machine
"Ah, do I still have that coin?"

Raging Chef Gone Wild
Gordon Ramsay when no lamb sauce

Pixellated Shaving - 25th Anniversary Edition
"Now with extra razors."

Kamikaze Cheese Beatdown
No words.

Yoshi's Lawnmower Struggle
"Still more stressful then the time he got beat up by the FBI for not paying his taxes."

Undercover Banjo Incident
"Yah got the files Agent B&B?" "Guh-Huh" "Breeeeeeee!"
Tony Hawk's Bomb Alpha
I don't know with some of these...

Blocky Hamster Troopers
Sounds like an actual game, I would play.

Michael Jackson's Bass Studio
Looks like we found the secret of S3&K

The Glory of Turtle 2000

Enraged Bandicoot X
"Crash after he travels to 21XX, found out that no other bandicoots existed, that made him very angry."

I don't even. :confused:

Bloody Goth Pinball
Intense Lego Disaster
Cyber Arcade Football


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